The New Number is……..24

24………..Two dozen………..   That’s how many custom items I still have due.  Still wondering how I got in this particular fix.  I want to be sure & learn this lesson, as it is making me crazier than usual, having this many custom orders.

Enough of a whine.  I worked most of the day & made some progress.  I’ve gone from 32 to 24, and feeling a bit more in control.  My sewing area of the studio looks like heck, as I’m not taking my usual time between jobs to clean & tidy up.

Todays projects included getting 6 of the shirts for Friday all pressed, double checked and bagged up for pick up.  The other 4 items for this order are a different story.    I did complete the 2 pair of PJ’s, they are also bagged up for pick up.  I took the knit hat apart (again) for Client S, and re worked the decreases so there are more of them, and they started sooner.  The idea is to make the hat smaller from the brim edge to the top.  I think it would have been easier to make this fit if the owner grew his hair longer!  I’m not exactly sure how to measure this hat, as there is nothing at the top now……… I’m measuring empty space.  The goal is to get it 13 3/4″ from one edge, up & over the top and back to the other edge.  I’ve truly not done this sort of job before………and didn’t have an idea how to measure the clients head, nor the hat.  Knitting blind on this puppy!

Because the Hats-Too-Big project isn’t enough of a brain exercise………… last 4 jackets for Friday are causing me to fry my last remaining brain cells.  I’m using a custom pattern from the client, copying an existing sample of hers too…….and then adding in a 1 piece pocket in a side seam.  Obviously, there needs to be a change in the pattern (albeit, a small one) but there needs to be something to make a facing out of, or there will be raw edges at the opening.  My brain is mush.  But, I do think I have remembered how to set this up & make it work.  I did cut the side seams larger all the way down, so I just need to go back to that step & cut out just the facing area on the fronts.  Then, I should be able to continue.   Guess what I’m going to tackle in the AM??  Hoping for some of my brain to re coup overnight, so I can plow through the 4 of these & get them pressed & ready for Friday.

Good News of the Day:  Woke up & checked email before heading out for a volunteer shift at the food bank.  I read the email from Etsy & Pay Pal to say I had purchased some elastic.  Started reviewing what I’d just ordered & received…………4 packages of ribbons.  Not Elastic.  Then, I realized it was an order from a buyer………to purchase elastic FROM me!    I’m still so new at this, I am surprised to see the notices.   I quickly packaged it up, wrote the buyer and took the elastic off to the post office this AM.  5 sales since opening the shop the last week of Dec. ’10.  Not terrific, but a start.

The only work I’ve done on the Etsy front, is to renew the elastic that sold and to make some minor changes to a couple other listings today…………and then I renewed them too.  Almost as good as a new listing, since the pictures and descriptions of some of my earlier items were less than optimum.    I’m itching to get into the items I have lined up as new listings for the Etsy shop, but no time in the foreseeable future.   Everywhere I look, when I’m in the sewing room, has fabric & trim………..drawings and notes………ideas floating around everywhere………… but, no time!!!     So not fair!

Planning on completing the 4 jackets with pockets tomorrow.  That will put me at 20 items.  Not sure what to work on next.  It should be the tailored black linen, lined jacket, as it’s been in the room the longest.   It has several hours of work left on it & I confess, I’m not liking this jacket.   The mini sports jersey client called today, to check if I’d begun his job yet.  Proud of myself…………..I was honest.  Told him there were 20 pieces in front of his little shirts! I do have 4 knit tops to cut out…they are all alike, which should make them go quite quickly, with the exception, they are all different colors.  Perhaps they will be the afternoons project?

I think a glass of wine is in order……………and some knitting on my socks.  Sounds like a plan.

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