Countdown Total: 20 Items!!!!

I’m exhausted, but feeling better about the numbers of jobs on the TO DO board here.  I’ve got the 10 shirts completed, pressed & in garment bags, ready for pick up in the AM.    I love looking at finished items; all lined up & ready to go.

Also have the PJ’s ready for pick up tomorrow afternoon.  With both of these jobs complete, the board shows just 10 clients and 20 custom items.  I think the alteration number is hovering around 19 items, but this piece of my work is my favorite, so it never seems to bother me, or get to be too much.

One client today, a new person, from the ad in the local paper.  She has 2 other people she took cards for, so there is likely more work coming.    She & her friends are also interested in knitting classes, which she mentioned after walking past my van in the yard here.  I have magnetic signs on the sides, advertising the sewing, alterations & knitting business….    and, they are really starting to work!

I took time out to “play” with fabric after getting tomorrows orders complete.  I’ve had fabric laid out, in little “kits”, waiting to be sewn up………this afternoon, I completed a toddlers skirt, with eyelet ruffle & a Springy little border print with bunnies!  So sweet.  Lavender and blue prints with the under skirt of white eyelet.

This evening was my Crochet 101 class at the local parks & rec department.  I had a small class & they all had some experience with crochet……….so we really had a great time actually crocheting.  Some classes are so basic, it seems we never get past how to make a slip knot!  We truly had an intermediate class & they left full of ideas and enthusiasm.  Love teaching!

Tomorrows schedule:  2 clients picking up orders and I believe both are bringing fabric for additional items this coming week.  One is a regular; I’ll be working for her through Christmas.  The other is just a couple additional items for a little girls birthday party.  They didn’t bring enough fabric for all they wanted done………so, this is the 2nd round to get the project complete.  I don’t shop for clients, they need to bring everything but the thread if I’m going to sew or knit for them.   Hoping to get pictures of the new little ruffled number & get it listed on Etsy.  Hard to carve out time for Etsy, when I’ve got people showing up here, in person!  I’ll have to get better at balancing.

I can’t wait to get caught up here with my day job!   I’ve got ideas floating around in my head, pages of drawings & notes and pictures stuck up on my idea boards here.  Too many things to do & only so many hours in each day!

I have decided on my next purchase too….   Each month, I am adding something to the business; both locally and on Etsy.  April is going to be the month of labels. I’ve never had labels, but it is now time.  I’m tired of adding little ribbons in the back of things like the PJ’s I just did………..a label would finish the item off, as well as let the client know what is the back & what is the front.



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