Fab Friday Finds

I gathered these items up this week, inspired by the listing about sponsoring a goat!  Who knew?    I love the idea of taking part in ALL of the process, not just the knitting or the crocheting.  See my collection of handy tools, fun finds and a piece of knitting related artwork that is very cute ………….


Busy sewing today, playing catch up on the alterations end of things, since I spent the bulk of the week working on new construction. Countdown  total is now at 20 custom items on the TO DO board.  Aiming to get a couple of items off the list by this evening………or at the latest,  tomorrow.

Spent a bit of time clearing the rubble in the sewing room.  I can see the cutting table now…………as well as the floor!  I love it when it’s picked up.  Clean is too much to ask for I think!


One thought on “Fab Friday Finds

  1. Your Fab Friday selection is really nice. Some of your finds this week were items I never would have searched for. But after reading about them they
    seem interesting.

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