Springy Twirly Skirt Unveiled

Here’s the latest item in my Etsy Store.    I had so much fun picking fabrics and trim for this springy, twirly skirt.  I finally decided on this lavender with an eyelet ruffle peeking out at the hem.

I had been waiting for Easter to use this little border print of bunnies ………..

……….and then paired it with the lavender decorated with little flower sprigs for the top tier.

I love it!   I just can’t get enough ruffles, lace & bows.  This skirt is a full circle, so it should be more than fun to watch a little girly-girl give it the ‘twirl test’.  🙂

Started the morning off with a trip to the post office, to mail off my 6th sale from the Etsy shop.    I sold the 2nd order of elastic.………..and renewed it just as quickly.

The rest of my day has been spent getting down to business & catching up on the back log of alterations here.  No ones order is finished, as I have this silly system in the sewing room that keeps me jumping from order to order.  I refuse to change thread in the machines if I have something else in line that uses the same color!  So, today I did the khaki colored things and the jeans that used the horrible gold color for the top stitching.  I really don’t like yellows & golds………It’s a wonder I did these before some of the gorgeous colors waiting to be worked on!

I spent some TV watching time taking a T shirt apart for Client S.  He wants this particular shirt copied & this is the easiest, most accurate way I know.  I have SO many pieces in line from this gentleman……….it might be Christmas before I catch up on his jobs.

I also searched my knitting needle collection for another set of double points.  The ones I had been using on the re knitting job on the ski hat were leaving it too loose.  I’m finding it difficult to measure the hat, since it has no center area at this point.  I’d like a wig stand I think…..   that might be just the thing to help this project along.

No change in the custom order count on the TO DO board:  still sitting at 20 items ………yikes.

Haven’t added up the pieces in the line up for alterations…….it wouldn’t help.  I can’t make any more hours appear in my days…………..nor, add a day to my week.     On that note….back to work!


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