Latest Countdown Number………..

Todays’ new number, after working a few hours……… 18………..that’s EIGHTEEN! Down from the whopping number of 32 custom items on my TO DO board here in the sewing room.

I had a couple quick knit shirts on the list, and it worked out to cut & finish both of them today.  Handy too, in that I visit the retirement home tomorrow for a repeat client, and to deliver a finished order to another repeat client ……….and the knit shirts are for a staff member at the same facility.  With gas as high as it is, I’m trying hard to group my errands & now I’ve got all 3 at the same place & time.    So, the 2 shirts dropped me to only 18 items.

18 still feels overwhelming.  I’ll get right on the tailored black jacket tomorrow and take a look at the mini sports jerseys.  Both are not on my favorite project list, that is for sure.

On the alterations list……..    I’ve got a good start on the items for Thursdays appointment.  2 out of 5 completed, and one ready to sew.   It’s that old thread problem again.  I hate to change thread on the machines if I can find anyones item that can be completed in the current thread color.   So far, I have never got confused this way, and I do think it is quicker than doing one order………….changing thread almost every item………then doing the same thing on the next bag of items.

Worked on the re knit ski hat and have it knitted up to the top.  Ran the yarn through the remaining stitches and pulled it up………….and it is still too big.  Talk about disappointing.  It is almost an inch bigger than I was aiming for.  I didn’t tie off the yarn, so it would be easy to pull out……and I’m going to look at the hat in the daytime.  I want to see it on a real head too………..then hold the tape to it.  But, I think it will be bigger ON a head, than it is just sitting in my lap.  I’m trying to think of some off beat idea that would suck this little thing in a bit, but I’m not coming up with anything workable.  Will sleep on it.

Finally got the sample T shirt apart for Client S.  Will press it tomorrow, and it will be ready to use as the pattern for the new shirts.  Will call this gentleman too, & get him on the calendar for next weekend………..I’ll have time to get to all his alterations by then  and have his first shirt ready for him to check out too.

Sleep will be good.  Hoping to feel all refreshed & ready to tackle the oldest projects on the board; that’s the goal for this week.  (and to get the number down to something not quite so scary)


One thought on “Latest Countdown Number………..

  1. I’m glad you are staying ahead of your assignments. As your orders continue to grow, your will develop new systems to complete your tasks. Thank for your encouragement. As far as the Knitting Crochet Blog Week goes, I think as long as you tag each post with the listed tag for the day you will be included. Because, a Google search will list all posts with their daily tag codes.

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