Six New Knitters & Knit & Crochet Blog Week

After tonights class, I am happy to say………..there are Six New Knitters in Edmonds, WA.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of teaching beginning knitting.  It is just so much fun to see people get excited about a couple of sticks and some string!    All six are going to be able to knit basic items after tonight.  They have learned long tail cast on, Knit & most have gone on to Purl………a couple chose to just stick with Knitting, as they didn’t want to get confused.  Works for me!

Then, we worked with just the knit stitch and covered increases & decreases……….then, switched colors of yarn……..and for fun I had them all pick a bit of novelty yarn and carry it along for a few rows!  Beginners are always drawn to the fuzzy, sparkly, festooned novelties in yarn stores & they find out at this point in my class, the fuzzy stuff isn’t always easy to work with!

Overall, class was great.  Made some new friends and have one student already registered for the Knitting 201 class I’m teaching at the end of April.  Two of the students have set up a semi private set of lessons to continue adding to their skills and comfort level.  The only thing that would make this class better, is if we were holding it at Starbucks!  Love coffee AND knitting.

The topic for the Knit & Crochet Blog…………..Is to compare my skills now to a year ago.

I haven’t seen that much change in my actual knitting & crochet skills……….but, I do think I’m a better teacher as the years go by.  I’m way more relaxed, and I remember to use different techniques during classes, meeting my students needs, as they all learn differently.  I have taught several blind & visually impaired students to knit this past year, which challenged my skills in all sorts of ways.  I got better at verbally describing the process of knitting & crocheting and I put more effort into coming up with tools & fibers that were easier for those students to work with.

I still have an area of knitting I haven’t ventured into.  Charts.  Not sure if it going to happen anytime soon either.  I need to get myself into a class & learn this ……….a baby step at a time!


No new totals for the Countdown…………….BUT, I’m Oh, so close to finishing the black, tailored blazer.  Just buttons & buttonholes, and hemming up the lining at the sleeves………..and then hand stitching the openings where I flipped the lining inside out.  I can see the finish line on this one.  It has been decades since I’ve done any tailoring.  I did remember the techniques from classes when I was really studying………..and, I’d have to say I haven’t sewn anything this nice, for years!  (if I do say so myself!)  🙂

One client picked up a finished alterations order…………and I made progress on 4 other clients orders.  Same old story………..there was black thread in the machines (for the black blazer), so anyone with black items got moved to the front of the line!

Etsy News!  I logged on this evening,  and had sold 4 items.  Too exciting.  Have them packaged and ready to ship tomorrow.  I’m feeling pretty good, that makes 10 sales since the first of the year.    I did finish with picture taking and editing for 2 new additions to the shop too.  Added some crocheted booties earlier and will put a preemie crocheted hat on when finished here.








I think that brings me up to 58 items. All the advice for new shops says to aim for at least 100 items……   Seemed impossible at first, then I made it to 50………..and now I’m inching my way to 60.  At this rate, it will be next year before I get to 100, but I am nothing if not persistent!

On that note…………… work!


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