Knit & Crochet Blog Week: Day 3

Todays topic is Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches.      Fairly thought provoking, when you look at my studio space & workroom.  Funny I can get anything done, let alone anything creative.

Funnier still when the rest of my life, and all the space I occupy, is beyond tidy & organized.  So, what do I make of this?  I need some chaos to create?  or……….I’m too busy to clean this area of my life?………   Not sure.

I do know I’m not going to change.  I have the basis of a clean room as I really look at the space, but the surface of it is truly a jumble.  Pictures, swatches………..clear boxes of yarn ………..patterns and drawings hung all over the space……..all this is not going to change; It is how I work!

I do need a different system…………OK, I just need a system…………to keep my double point needles.  I have the sets I use for my sock knitting in a pencil case & that works for me.  But, the sets that are larger, those for hats for example………I need somewhere to keep those, that is separate from other needles.  I have a hanger/holder thingy for my circs, which I make.  I love this and would like to make at least one for the Etsy shop.  Just no time……….my most frequent excuse!


On the countdown front here:   I am on the cusp of finishing the black blazer and moving to only 17 custom items.  I am one buttonhole & button away from finishing this little number.  Can’t wait.  Not sure if I’m going to get to this tonight, most likely will wait for morning.

I finished Client P’s alteration order & have it ready for delivery on Monday.  Started the alterations order for Client S, who is scheduled for Sunday.  Had several phone calls in response to my ad………..neither set appointments, I felt they thought my price quotes were too high.


I spent time this evening putting together a treasury for Etsy.  Joined a treasury making team this week, and now am compelled to getting 5 of these treasuries done each week.  I will have to pick up the pace or I’m going to have to quit something important …… sleeping!  Wish I knew how to post the treasury page, but I don’t.  All I know how to do at this point, is post the link…..

I mailed off the package this AM too, all 4 items were to the same buyer, so that was a cinch.  I was out of my little thank you gift, so took a few minutes this morning to crochet one up.  I have decided to include a crocheted soap sack, like this one……….with each order.  I include a little note in the bag, about the use of it and also a business card. 

Time’s up, I’m almost asleep at the keyboard here!



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