Crochet & Blog week…….Day 4

Todays question is Where are they now?  Meaning finished projects…..   I’ve been knitting & crocheting (and sewing) for decades, so there are way too many finished projects to keep track of.  I do know of some people in my life, who have pieces I’ve given them………..who still have the items after decades.  Interesting to see how well hand made items hold up over the years.       I ran into one of my old items today………….  I had made a blanket for my son, before he was born almost 30 years ago now….    I used a beige yarn, some sort of soft, almost fuzzy feeling acrylic.  I picked a pattern that was pretty complicated for me then……..and ended up with a lovely blanket that did not scream BABY.  I don’t usually go for the really baby looking items….   Anyhow, today when I was bringing in groceries, I noticed that same blanket in the trunk of the car.  It has ended up there, to use if I’ve got a passenger needing a bit of a blanket….   It still looks great for it’s age, and is still earning its’ keep too!


The custom order countdown has finally changed………….New number is 16!!!!!   (big drumroll here….)    The black blazer is now done.  Pressed and hanging in it’s plastic bag, waiting for pick up.    Tomorrows plan includes getting the miniature sports jerseys done.  Well……… least started!   And, I have an appointment on Sunday, to get ready for……….altering 2 sweaters & getting a T shirt cut out ready for a fitting.      Things are starting to look a little bit more normal in the work room.  Feeling a bit less overwhelmed.    Client G picked up her alterations order today……….Love seeing the finished items head out the door!



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