Fab Friday Find….A Mystery Slipper

Only one find today, and it is here in my workroom.   I received this pair of baby slippers from a student in my Knitting 101 class this week.  The gentleman in class said his grandmother (recently deceased) had made dozens of these over the years.  Everyone in the family had multiple pairs & loved them.  This little pair of blue & white slippers is new, in the stash Grandma had put away for future little ones.


The student who brought the slippers, wanted to know if I could figure out the pattern from the slippers…..    I had to tell him I’d never seen anything like these.

They seem like they are knitted in 2 parts, the checkerboard piece on the outside, then a pick up and knit event on the inside.  I didn’t take time to lighten up the pictures…………I’m just too pooped tonight.



I am on a mission to figure this knitting mystery out, but I’m really hoping someone else has made these & would be kind enough to share the pattern.     I promised the student from this weeks class, that I’d teach him how to make these, so their family tradition wouldn’t have to stop.      I’m also posting the pics and my plea to several knitting lists and forums.

Crossing my fingers someone sees the pictures and can explain the details to me.  In the meantime, I’m knitting up the checkerboard piece, to see if I can make any progress without unknitting these.


No new total for the custom items………….and an addition of 2 items for the alterations end of things.  I had a crazy mixed up day, so didn’t get much sewing time in at all.  The time I DID get, came in bits & pieces too……….   which always makes me feel less than productive.

One phone call, from a regular client, who made an appointment for tomorrow.  More alterations……..usually just hemming slacks and shortening sleeves on blazers.  Usually all new items.  An easy job, when compared to the custom work.

I did take a bit of time to baste in a hand knit sweater, which is almost a vintage item I think. The client wants it taken in, as it is a favorite, but it doesn’t fit close to his body like the current style is.  I’ve never cut into a knit before, although I have watched & think I can do this……..but, boy, is it scary!    There are 2 sweaters needing to be taken in, this first one has only 1 piece for the body, and the sleeves added in with a raglan style.  The 2nd sweater has normal side seams, so I’m a bit more comfortable with it.     Both of these are going to be ready for a fitting on Sunday.

I knit for a bit this evening, on a baby bootie for the Etsy shop.  Have one done, with only a couple threads to weave in.  Very tiny, very girlie and so much fun to make.  I’m going to go through my ribbon supply to find something equally as girly to tie a bow on the front of each of these little cuties.  Can’t wait to get the 2nd one done now!

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