Countdown Total: 15

I’m making progress with the Custom Order Board here.  Finished a T shirt for Client S today & it was a hit.  Only one tiny adjustment for the rest of the shirts………there is something just a touch odd with one of the set in sleeves.  I’m hoping wearing, laundering and a bit of steam and the area lays down and plays right!     Pondering offering these custom Tee’s in the Etsy shop.  This one looked like a million bucks on this gentleman!  He is going to be a walking-talking business card………….and he AND his new shirt are off to Palm Springs this coming week.

I gave myself some fun sewing as a reward for getting the custom numbers into more of a reasonable area on the TO DO board.  I have these hangers all over my studio.   I had to come up with a way to have the materials out in the open without having it just be in piles.  Thus……………my Idea Hangers!  This one is most likely going to be a toddler

skirt, or more to the point, a big ruffle with bows on it!    I’m not sure which color combination to head with this……… this point, I’m leaning towards the yellow & black with the black & white polka dot ribbons as trim…………and the white eyelet as a bit of ruffle, it doesn’t show up too well here.

I’ve got 2 of the hangers full of possibilities in different stages this evening.  There is a white eyelet affair that should be done tomorrow………….and perhaps a yellow & orange ruffled sundress finished up too.  Both are cut and one has made it to the sewing machine already.


I finished a little supply of soap sacks, which I’m including with all the Etsy orders, as a thank you gift.

I practiced taking the pictures of these on a white background, and for a first try, they aren’t too awful.  I’ll give it another go tomorrow, as I’ve pretty much used up my available brain cells for this evening.

Cast on Oh Baby Bootie #2 this evening and it is almost half way done.  The 2nd one of any pair seems to go so much faster for me.  I searched through my ribbon stash and don’t have what my mind is picturing to finish these up.  Pooh!  Was hoping to use these as my item in a Social Network Blast this Friday.   I want it to be something new, so maybe one of the toddler dress/skirt items will be picture taking ready before Wed………….so I can get on the list.

I’ve been putting in some time on the ruffled scarf each day and kick myself that I don’t know how this will felt………..if at all.  I’m crossing my fingers it will felt up; it would be one of those happy accidents.  I just fell in love with the idea of a series of short rows, packed in on each other, making the ruffled edge of this scarf.  This is a slow going project, as it is lace weight yarn.  No pics yet…………..will aim for some this week.

And, the BIG news of the day…… at least for me……….is I’ve finally got the website hooked up to the Google analytics bit.  I have tried & tried and each time I would give up.  There was a post in one of the teams I’m on, that was lamenting how hard this step was………and, then………..the answer!  So simple when I did it the right way.  Duh.

With this little bit of tech success under my belt, perhaps tomorrow will be the day to figure out the glitch with my new printer?


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