New Energy in the Sewing Room

I am so excited………….I just have to share!  I woke up this morning and took care of typical morning chores around the house; let the dog out, make breakfast, clean up the kitchen, start laundry…………all those super exciting events…

No, I’m not thrilled with my morning routine………..:)    The exciting part was when I finally got to the sewing room, and checked the emails.  I’m still so new to the Etsy store routine, that I thought I’d made an error last night, when I re arranged my shop.  My total number of items for sale had changed & I assumed I had messed up.  But no!  I had SOLD two items!  I’m feeling a teensy bit of momentum here…but, don’t want to say this too loudly.

I was in such a rush this morning to get these 2 orders packaged up & get to the post office before they closed at 1PM.  Wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have any of my thank you gifts ready to go?   So, I grabbed a crochet hook, my notes and some yarn……….and quickly stitched up a pair of my soap sacks, which I have decided to tuck in each order.  They are a good size, I add in a business card and a little blurb about how to use the soap sack and tie the whole thing into the bow when I wrap the items.

And, if that wasn’t enough of a glitch………..The petticoat that sold was missing it’s bow!  I had snatched it when I made a custom order of the same item……..and hadn’t replaced it when the new ribbon order arrived.  So, out came my new favorite tool, the ribbon burner thingy…………and I finished up a gorgeous new piece of ribbon for the petticoat…..and sewed it on.  (true disclosure here………I admit to pinning some items on to get the pictures done a bit quicker & then I don’t get back to the details!)

Before I could get on with the packaging I ran into yet another glitch.  I was out of the little printed explanations about the soap sacks…………….and when I went to print some more off, I discovered the new printer I had installed yesterday was not totally installed.  I haven’t told my computer we have a new printer!  So, an email to myself, and off to the upstairs computer (with a working printer), so I could access the hand out and get it printed.  By this time, I’m feeling just a touch scattered.  Oh, and the resident teenager was waiting for a ride, as I had told him I was going to be making a run to the post office….

What did I learn this morning???    Preparation alleviates stress.  I have been thinking that getting too much done ahead of time was going to jinx the shop!  No more.  I spent the afternoon fixing all but the printer snafoo.  I have no idea how to fix it, so I figured it was best not to mess with the unknown.  Will look into getting some help tomorrow.

Back to the energy!  Even though I’m exhausted this evening, I do feel a change in how I’m viewing the Etsy shop.  I can also see where family members are a bit less skeptical about this venture.  I am so fired up to get to work, I’m almost ready to give up something like sleeping!  🙂    Better to give up housecleaning maybe???


2 thoughts on “New Energy in the Sewing Room

  1. Rhymit61: I was so excited, with 2 sales at once, I think I could have walked to the post office! 🙂 I can’t imagine what this would be like to have sales on a regular basis, can you? I hope the joy & excitement don’t fade, I really like the element of surprise, seeing what sold & to whom.

    Now, just waiting for the next sale…………..and hopefully, I’ll be more prepared.

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