I Sewed on my Day Off!

Funny, when you know that I sew for a living here.  I promised myself I would take time to “play” with my fabric collection and get one of my ideas put together & listed on Etsy.  I finished a couple big pieces this weekend, so today was mine!

I started off with a replacement piece, a little white eyelet petticoat that sold on Friday.  I didn’t get very far before I was side tracked by a blue print with bunnies parading around the hemline.    I did finish this little sundress and I love it.  I wish we had a little girl in our family so I could see it on!  Contemplating whose little girl I could “borrow”.

I have made a creative mess in my studio……………fabric, lace, ribbons and hand drawn patterns are everywhere.    I’ll start off tomorrow with a bit of cleaning & organizing!

No cleaning today………Since I still had time left, I started in on a 2nd set of fabric and notions I had set aside.  This one isn’t picture taking ready…….but I’ll give you a hint.  It’s orange with little white pin dots, and the accent fabric is a print with slices of citrus fruits ….  giving it a summery feel.  Ruffles all down the back of the skirt, and the same bodice and straps as the little Bunny Sundress here.





I have another knitting mystery tonight.  I finished one Oh Baby Bootie over the week end and had the 2nd one started……….. Finished it this evening and darned if they aren’t two different sizes!  How in the world?  I didn’t change anything…….Same yarn, same needles, same pattern.  But, a good half inch shorter in length, about a quarter of an inch smaller around at the top……..noticeably different.    I can knit another one, but I’m not sure what size it is going to end up!

After finishing up the 2nd bootie, which now is the first of a second pair…….I switched to my lace weight ruffled scarf.  Mindless knitting sounded good after the bootie mix up.

I also tried taking the pictures of this sundress with a white background.  I’m thinking it is better than my usual black, but I’m not totally sold yet.  I’d like to try the clothes outside, but it hasn’t stopped raining for what seems like months.  Have an idea to try the clothesline out back………..    now, if Washington could just get an hour or two of sunshine!


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