Another Mystery…….

I’m almost full up with stuff I can’t solve, but need to work with.  Today I taught a beginner sewing class to Client H.  Met at her home, so she could use her machine.  New to her……….but a Viking from perhaps the 50’s??  I have one from the 60’s, (actually 2 from that decade) and this one today was older.  At least I think so.     She had already had the machine serviced by the gentleman I use, so I was confidant it was in good shape.    I looked it over, as it was a bit different than any of the Vikings I have, or have worked on.  Side load bobbin, under the throat plate, bobbin winder on the front of the machine…………where you engage it to the hand wheel on the right side……….and no clear idea of how to change the stitch width.

All that aside, we forged ahead; unthreaded the machine and had the student do it.  Went to wind a bobbin so she could tackle the project she set up the lesson for…………..hemming jeans………….and discovered the bobbin winder gizzy did not work.  The rubber wheel that should engage to the hand wheel, is apparently the original, and very, very hard.  No connection, so it won’t turn.  So, we had to deal with a bobbin that came with her little box of accessories………not perfect, but enough to get her through her 2 pairs of jeans she wants to hem.

The 2nd thing this client wanted to learn how to do, is make machine button holes.  Something so simple………….turned into impossible.  The set up for the buttonholes was similar to my Viking, but there was no bar tacks, and no going back to the beginning of the buttonhole.  Oh, and no switching to the other side of the needle position.  So, that is tabled, until I can find some information.  No point, in the client trying to do this, as she doesn’t know what information she is missing!  I am not sure where to start looking…………….and am taking suggestions from anywhere.

The repair tech is my first call in the AM.  He says there is no book available for this model number.  677R if anyone is interested!  I’ll search the web, ask on some sewing lists……..but, then I’m at a loss.  Without a bobbin, this machine is not going to live up to it’s workhorse reputation.

Beyond the Viking mystery, I have one huge high point to report on from the sewing room.  I finished another custom item…………although, truly, I need to finish up the 2nd one before the order is complete & I can wipe it off the TO DO board.  The mini sports jerseys……… is done, the pattern is pretty much re configured and the 2nd one is almost half finished.  Can’t wait to get this job done.  It’s funny how something simple can get on my Hate-it-with-a-Passion list!  The poor guy that is waiting for these, probably thinks I’m weaving the cloth first!

I learned today that the Toddler Sundress I put up on Etsy last night had been placed in a Hoppy Easter treasury.  I feel like the background made this an easy pick.  This will be a continuing experiment and experience I think, as I start taking the new items with the white, or at least the pale gray background.  I don’t know if there is enough time in the week, to do re takes for the older items……….we’ll see.


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