Busy is Good

Minus two, plus four…………….gives me eighteen custom sewing items on the TO DO list here.    I am conflicted.  It would be great to see a smaller number, so I knew there would be hours left in the week, to make some new little confection for the Etsy shop……..     And, the flip side is; more clients here means a larger paycheck.  The total went down temporarily, then a new order came in……    It is a good thing to be busy.  It’s a good thing to know people value my work.

I have spent years sewing and have not always viewed what I do as an art form.  I credit the move to Etsy this past December for my shift.   I now refer to myself as an artist…………and my space I have to work in is my studio.  What a difference a couple of words make!

I finished an item for the Etsy shop late last night.  Very late.  Too late to take pics, as I knew they wouldn’t be any good.  I am continually surprised at how long the picture taking and then the editing and then the actual listing takes.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see if I could actually make a new item, from start to finish…………..in less time than the pic/editing/listing takes?

Toddler Sundress by StitchKnit Here’s the latest item in the shop.    I have such fun sewing this type of project.  I missed out sewing with ruffles & lace, since I had a little boy.  Sewed many things for him, but they sure didn’t include ribbons & bows!  More like Superman capes, cowboy vests & chaps and custom drawn floor mats for him to drive his cars on.  Fun, but just not like this little dress.

The back of this is a cascade of ruffles with this big bow right in the middle.






Since the TO DO list is full, I’ll be working on clients projects tomorrow.  I promised myself I could “play” with fabric again, when I get someones’ order complete.       I think I’ll get right on a couple easy to finish up orders, as I can see the next little twirly skirt project hanger…………..taunting me from the studio!  White with black polka dots and the yellow & black flowered ribbons for trim.  After this one, comes another of the white eyelet petticoats……….and after that………………      In truth, there are more projects laying around the studio than I can count right now.  Hard to concentrate when my brain is busy designing ruffles!

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