Treated Myself to Some Fun Sewing!

This is what I was playing with today………….yes, AFTER  I finished a clients alterations order!  I found this pastel border print in my fabric stash and matched it up with the partially completed eyelet petticoat and here she is  Hoppy Easter!

Pictures of this little skirt  are all on the new white background, which makes it a bit hard to see the white petticoat peeking out.  The colors in the skirt are true, at least on my monitor………..but, I’m still on the fence re; the white background.


Finishing up the ribbon for the bow on this skirt, caused me to use & think about the new little fabric burning tool I bought this past month.  I’ll have to take pictures next time I’m using some ribbons and post them.  It’s my new favorite thing!







I was good, and stuck to my plan.  Scheduled work stuff first.  Playing with things for the Etsy shop after.  So hard to stick to this when all the work is in the same room & no one would know if I cheated!  🙂






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