As Promised, My New Fav Tool

This is just one more thing I’ve learned since opening my shop on Etsy.   I had no idea there was a way to seal off the cut edges of ribbons!  Who knew?  I read about it on someones site, and was off and running………..searching for the tool that did that magic thing.

I love ribbons and have purchased bags and bags of them to have a large variety; so I can feed my addiction as often as necessary.  The little ribbon burner thingy just stays plugged in at the ironing area, and I’m ready to seal edges for every little bow I come up with.  What a fun little thing.  I thought it would come with detailed How-To sort of directions……..but, surprise……….nothing!

I practiced a couple of times, but it’s a no brainer.  Easy-peasy.  I’m sealing ribbons like I’ve been doing it for ages.

Funny, how something so little can be such a big deal.   How did I not know there was this little thing for ribbons?


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