How to Create Anything, When Life Intervenes?

I’ve had one of those days, where nothing seemed to fall into place.  Nope, they were wrenched out of my hands and moved around, jumped all over the calendar and I was just along for the ride.

I’m WAY more comfortable with a schedule.  One that isn’t written on an Etch-a-Sketch!  I like things written on paper preferably, with a great pen if I have my way……… I can cross the finished items off and have that luscious sense of accomplishment when the list is complete.

Today was more like some sort of carnival ride, with the appointments either early, late or with extra items……….and each phone call brought yet another change for tomorrow.  Out of town company for breakfast sort of change…….  At the same time as the already re-scheduled chimney cleaner no less.  Should be fun, huh?

Top all this off with the fact the sun was out today.  Not a big deal for most folks, but for us in the Pacific Northwest, it is an event!  There was no re scheduling the mowing………it had to happen today, as the rains were due back by this evening and then for who knows how long.  I need to keep it mowed so it looks presentable when clients visit here…can’t have it overgrown & looking tacky.  So, in between everything else, the mowing got done and for good measure one of the waiting-in-the-wings rose bushes got planted in a forever home.

I’m pooped.  And, nothing, absolutely nothing got created.  Didn’t get much work done in the sewing room at all.  Finished one piece of quilting for a client, who wanted it backed and bound, as it was a gift.  Done.                                  Did the prep  work for a couple jackets needing some alterations; have to get them done tomorrow as they get delivered on Monday.  Will need to get right to work after the chimney guy and the breakfast company…..

Days like this make me wish for an actual business; where I could go & be “at work”.  This working at home has it’s disadvantages!

How do others manage the out of control schedules and the multiple interruptions when they have their studios in their homes?    I could use some pointers!

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