Found Time

I love it when that happens.  I found some time.  Loads of time actually.

The chimney cleaner man canceled ……….again, and I begged off the brunch bit, since the people were so distantly related to me……it was a better deal to leave them in better hands.

So, the afternoon opened up and I attached myself to the sewing machines; cutting, sewing and finishing the 2 custom tops for Client B.  This has been on the TO DO list forever!  Had 3 shirts done & delivered a couple weeks ago, but these last 2 were haunting me.  I had to adjust the pattern and that always makes the whole process slow down here.  Switching from knit to woven, from a neck band to facings…  they never made it to the top of my list.

I have both orders done, encased in their plastic bags, ready for delivery tomorrow.   Monday is now my regular day to go to a local retirement home.  I met with the staff over a year ago, offering to come pick up & deliver residents alterations orders.  I live within 10 minutes of the facility, so it’s an easy do for me………..and I love the people I’ve met. To top it off, I have also been sewing for many of the staff, which has been a huge part of the custom work I’ve been swamped with.  So, all in all………… was a great move to stop by with my business card!

I am going to sew for a couple hours now………….  I am going to reward myself with my fun Etsy type sewing after finishing the 2 orders.  I read some advice in an email today about finding ones creative rhythm.  Mine is early in the morning and late at night; when everyone else in the house is in bed!  Seems to work for me!  I’ll see if I can get at least one item done…………which will put me at #60 for the shop!  Inching my way towards 100….

Off to work.


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