New Favorite Knit Stitch/Technique

It’s official.  I really am loving the 3 needle bind off.  Pretty sure it isn’t considered a stitch exactly……….more of a technique; but, whatever you call it, I love it!

I have tweaked my Oh Baby Bootie pattern so it ends up with 22 stitches left on the needle at the sole of the bootie….and in just 11 stitches, I’ve bound off AND have the bottom seam all finished too.  Talk about perfect!

I finally have the 2nd bootie done, so should have a pink & white pair of these to post tomorrow.  Found the perfect ribbon, crocheted a couple rows of trim around what is going to look like a white anklet………    Like I said, they should be ready for their spot in the shop by tomorrow.

Todays schedule started off with 2 order deliveries………paid for one and the other is billed.   Did a list of errands before returning home~

-stopped at the office supply store & grabbed 2 more order books.  So far, I’m still working with a hand written order/receipt, haven’t ventured into doing this on the PC  yet.                                                                                                    -mailed a package from the latest Etsy sale                                                                                                                                             -made a deposit at the bank; the first fairly healthy deposit since I began here at the new address last Feb.  While there, I had to deposit a check made out to the business name…………not such an easy task it turned out!  I had opened the checking acct months ago, but had not used it yet.  Switched the acct that is attached to the Pay Pal account for Etsy, and of course, had a few glitches within hours.

The new bank account led to actually registering my business with the state…………so it is getting much more official around here!  🙂     There were no other names in the state that were duplicates, but the website says it will still take a couple weeks for them to double check that.  After that becomes official, I’ll be ordering business checks and start to have a chance of keeping the personal accounts away from the business accounts.  Money, numbers and keeping financial records are not on my list of attributes!

One new client phoned today, a referral from the new client just last week.  Appointment set up for Thursday, this week.

The strangest thing today was computer related.  No surprise there!  After I got back home, I wanted to log onto Etsy so I could add my name & item to a Social Network Blast happening this Friday.  No go.  I got sirens and messages all over the place here, about a circle member invite and a virus and POOF, I would get disconnected from Etsy.  I tried my very elementary list of stuff I know how to do with this machine…………to no avail.  Switched computers & browsers and logged on just fine.  Tried the real time chat on Etsy & really got no where.  They were stumped as to how I could chat when I professed to not being able to log on.  I am back on my PC tonight, and Etsy is working fine for me……….so who knows?  Maybe there are little people who live in my computer???



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