I’m Having Way Too Much Fun!

Just look at what I’ve been up to today……………The pink & white

Oh Baby Booties are done!  With the buttons and bows…….they look so sweet!   Love, love, love these….just wish I had a little baby girl at my disposal to try these on!  🙂

Besides knitting these………hmmmm…….     Not a ton of progress in the sewing room.

I did see my ad on Craftcult today.  It will be running for 2 months on the sidebar area of the site.    I’m still pretty surprised to see my banner or the new little thumbnail for StitchKnit.

I also signed up with our local Etsy Rain Team, here in Seattle……….to add some of my items from the shop to the swag given out at the Spring Arts/Crafts Show at the Intiman Theatre.  I’ve decided on my crocheted soap saver sacks for this giveaway.  Mostly because it is something I can get 60 of them made before the deadline of May 1st………..but also because I’ve got the materials and my business cards fit inside them so nicely.  Tonights total of completed soap sacks:  6    I’d best get to work!

I did get Client A’s 4 shirts cut out. Hoping to get them assembled this evening………with just the finish work to be done tomorrow.  One more to cut out & sew up, but it’s a different pattern.  Will tackle that one when these are on the hangers & ready for pick up.

Worked with a different medium this afternoon……….I gave a haircut to a friend whose hair I cut on a regular basis.  Fun creating something without fabric or fiber!

Time to hook myself up to the sewing machines for a bit………going to watch Dancing with the Stars and sew for the hour.



One thought on “I’m Having Way Too Much Fun!

  1. The baby booties are very pretty. Thank you for sharing about Craftcult. I had never heard of it. I went to the site and saw your ad. Your participation in the Etsy Rain Team is a very good idea too.

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