Etsy Shop Totals: Down One!

It’s a good thing!  I sold another item……… #14……….this knit scarf for spring:

I’ve loved this since I had the idea to use the ends from all the stripes and string beads on them.  It’s very cool when the scarf is just looped around the neck, without having the ends hanging down, the beads then hang down instead, giving it a necklace sort of look.  The whole thing feels very light & airy, which doesn’t show up well in the pic.

Anyway………..I’m back to 60 items in the shop and wondering how in the world other sellers ever get their inventory built up!  I have such mixed feelings.  Really jazzed about selling something……………and dismayed about the numbers going down, not up!

I’m busy creating the soap sacks to be used for the local Etsy teams Spring Fair, that I’m not sure I will have time to get anything added to the shop until after May 1st!  My only regret with this whole Etsy business is………..I wish I had of started doing it years ago!    There were several years (recently) where I was living out in the middle of no where, miles from anywhere…………and this would have been so great!  Might have held onto a few more of my marbles too!  🙂

Can’t re write history however…….       I’m having a great time with this now.  I have SO many ideas floating around in my head. Some make it to a written list……..or lists.  They are everywhere!  In my purse, on scraps of paper throughout the house, in formal IDEA notebooks, and in the margins of my journals.  Other ideas actually make it to the drawing stage; most of these are in the studio, stuck up to any surface that isn’t already covered.  It’s a wonder my head isn’t exploding!

Time to get to work.  Swing shift here I guess.  Everyone else is winding down for the night and I’m ready to put in a few uninterrupted hours in the sewing room.  Still working on the 4 shirts for Client A.  Have them all up to what I call the hanger stage.  They are sewn together enough to actually stay on a hanger!  Have some more hemming to do, the collars and then buttons/buttonholes.  Was in hopes to get them done today, but I spent half of the day running errands so perhaps tomorrow for these shirts?

On that note…………I’m going to get to work, while trying to keep from doing the happy dance about the new sale!  Hard to dance while sewing!


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