Not a Part-Time Job Anymore

It’s pretty clear, I’m not playing around with a part-time hobby any longer.  I have been able to keep up with just a few hours in the sewing room each week.  As of this week………….   I have a full-time job!

I could tell things were picking up; both here with the local clients as well as the new little addition…….my Etsy shop.  I’ve been doing so many things differently, there is no way to tell what one thing pushed me into full-time work.  All I do know is I have been reading and reading about successful Etsy shops and trying to follow in their footsteps.  And, the other thing I know is……….I love it!

Love, love, love what I do.  Being able to work with fabric, fiber, design, color, texture………and people……….   I’m in heaven!  I’m busy, I’m creating and I get to do all this from home while keeping up my responsibilities here.  (at least most of the time!)  🙂

Today, my confirmation came through, from the Secretary of State………….StitchKnit is official.  Have my tax number and I’m a registered company.  I know I’m not even a blip on the screen to anyone else but me right now, but it feels pretty good.

I had a wild day.  Since I’d sold an item yesterday……….I had to get it to the post office today.  I found out I am still not prepared to ship things!  I have not smoothed out the kinks in this yet.  To top it off, I sold a book too, from Amazon.  (I’ve had my dads extensive library listed for years and still keep selling a couple of books every week or so)  Todays book, was of course………… oversized number, needing an oversized mailer.   I also discovered I’m not happy recycling shipping materials.  I need to purchase some padded mailers that fit most of my Etsy items.  Here I was with a wet washcloth, un sticking a mailing label, so I could re-use it for my Etsy item.  It ended up looking OK, but I do think the mailers are going to be on my list of must haves.  I managed to gather more of my labels, tags, bags, ribbons, etc…………….so now all I need is a place to leave it all out.  Each package is looking more like a gift and I’m taking care to notice the details……..I think each sale is looking better than the last.

The day continued with 3 new clients, one from a local referral from a regular client , the other from the ongoing Craigslist ad and one more client from the local retirement facility.  This put me back to having 10 clients on the TO DO board here…………..which is going to be my limit.  Eleven makes me more than a touch cranky.

I’m almost done with the 4 custom shirts for Client A.  Just the buttons are left……….I’ll tackle them in the AM.

I’m looking at 15 completed crocheted soap sacks; my contribution to the Swag for the Etsy Rain Craft show.  I need to step this up, so I’ve got time to ship them & meet the deadline of 5/1.

I’m too scattered to make any attempt at wrapping up my thoughts here.  Feeling excited……….yet, I can see the list of the work needing to be done.  I’m also still trying to figure out how to sell items and somehow get more completed to make the number in the shop go up……….not down.    So, I think I’ll just fade out…………..go to bed ………..and see if any of this has sorted itself out by morning.  How Scarlet O’Hara of me!


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