Piper Bella Boutique features StitchKnit Shop

It’s official.  Lindsey from PiperBella Boutique did a lovely piece about my shop in her blog today.  Please stop in for a visit!

I find it strange to read about what I’m doing!  Good, but still a bit strange.  It is making this all seem more real, as it has been a pretty private undertaking up til now.

Working in my sewing room and learning my way around the Etsy world, blogging, twitter, Stumble, and all the other new places………..is great, but it does feel like I’m the only one who knows I’m doing this.  Secretly creating little booties and ruffled toddler skirts, late, late into the night!  🙂

Reading about my shop, on someone elses’ blog is a graduation of sorts; ready or not, other people now know what I’m doing!

Thanks Lindsey, for the nice feature in your blog!  I appreciate your time & talent on my behalf!


Creativity Count down…………or up…………   Just aiming to keep track!

I finished Client J’s order:  altering 3 uniform shirts & making 2 arm bands, all in the hopes she can cover a tattoo & be ready for inspection!     Discovered a new technique with these uniform shirts. The manufacturer used something that looks like plastic elastic inside of the creases for the shirt.  They don’t come undone, can’t be pressed flat and look terrific.  Would love to know how this was done, and what product they used to do this with.  Anyone have ideas?

Cranked out another 10 of the soap sacks to be used for the Swag at the Etsy Rain Art show in May??  Need to check the specifics on this.

4 completed shirts were picked up by Client A.  She dropped off more fabric and a new to me pattern & sample for 4 jackets.  Love this new design; can’t wait to clear the deck here & get started cutting.

Client C picked up her finished alterations order.

Knit on the ecru baby blanket.  Not looking good as far as having enough yarn. This pattern is the diagonal one, so I just guessed as to when I was half way on the yarn……….  This proves I have no idea where half way is!  Will add this to my shopping list for Monday.  Would like to get this done & in the shop, as the first one sold already.


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