New Yarn, New Items, New Swag Total

It’s been a fun day!  I found email responses today to some inquiries I made yesterday on Craigslist.  I logged on, to update my listings there……….which, by the way is a very cool way to get some traffic to your Etsy shop.  I pick a new city each night & share something from the shop.  Anyhow………..I can get off on a tangent quicker than most!

I searched for yarn and found a woman trying to sell her stash as she was in dire straights.  She lived very close.  We hooked up today…………I have this little goodie bag of yarn to play with, she has the money she needed and my knitting needles are getting warmed up!

The fleece yarn has me fascinated.  I’m seeing a baby hat with ears!  🙂  We’ll see what it ends up as!  The novelty yarn is going to be a bit of fluff on one of the American Girl doll sweaters.  Every time I get one with the fluffy neckline & ribbon, it sells before I can get it in the shop!    The other two are enough to make something larger.  Thinking some sort of little boy type event………   blanket?  Sweater?

I finished a couple projects for clients.  Had one picked up today, and the other is ready to deliver tomorrow.  So, that meant I got to play in the sewing room!  Two new items for the Etsy store are the result………..haven’t even got them listed yet.  Pics done………, will get them listed asap.

Some tiny bits of white eyelet were calling to me!  They ended up in this darling little petticoat.  I finished it off with a bit of an over-sized white satin bow.  (love bows!)  Not sure about the pic on the white background, but toddler items don’t look good on my black background ether.

The black & white polka dot sundress shows up a bit better on the white…….     Love this little dress.  I have a matching hair bow, using the yellow ribbon.  It didn’t make it into this picture however.  Taking the pictures has become my least favorite part of this whole new Etsy venture!  I’d rather sew this up a dozen times than deal with the photography!

Lastly………..I’m to the halfway mark on the Swag, for the etsyRAIN Spring Handmade Craft Show.  The show is being held on Saturday, May 7, from 11AM-5PM at the Intiman Theatre, 210 Mercer St, Seattle, WA.    I’m crocheting cotton soap sacks, which will be added to the Swag Bags for the first 50 shoppers to the show on Saturday.  Seems like an easy way to get my business cards & Etsy address to 50 people who already love & support handmade!   I can, however…………make a soap sack while asleep I think!  🙂


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