Very Little Sewing Today

I spent the whole day working, but don’t have anything new to show for all the hours. Disappointing.  I prefer the days where I’ve got new pictures to post and I can see the number of items going UP in the Etsy shop. 

Today was errand and delivery day I guess.  Mondays will be that way, as I’m already out and about early in the AM, working a shift at our local food bank each Monday.  It’s a fun start to my week, and gets my perspective in order.

Delivered to completed orders & picked one up.  Holding my own on the order board these days, so feel a bit more organized.    Next job I HAVE to get started on is the replacement cushions for a chair.  ICK.  I need to drag out the staple gun and do some minimal upholstery on these……and things like this always make me drag my feet.

Picked up a few things at the office supply store; some of the foam boards that are recommended on all the photography how to sites, a couple packages of hang tags which I needed for packaging items and some glue sticks as mine are dead.  I use the glue sticks to add a piece of fabric to my hang tags.  Time consuming, but I’m hoping to put my local teenager on to this job.  BUT…………..the clerk did not get my glue sticks in the bag.    Will pick up the new glue later this week.

I hit the fabric store, as I needed some swim suit elastic to repair a couple suits for Client Y.  Also needed to pick up some fray check, as mine has turned into a solid chunk.

It feels like I’m spending, spending this month, but there are some things I needed to replace, along with a few things I just wanted!  Most everything will last for ages, so the expenses should average out over months and not be so high.

Finished with the spending, I headed to the bank and completed my account info for the business. I had the UBI number this time & thought I could get everything done.  However, the banker gentleman, could not figure out how to order the intro business pack of checks & my debit card for the account.  Those are still on hold I guess.  He said he’d call when he had both completed.  (no call yet)


I did manage to get a couple more soap sacks done towards the Swag Bag project for May 1st.  I should move this date up, as I need to leave time to get them packaged & shipped.    I do need that glue stick!   31 completed soap saver sacks ……….leaving 29 to go.

I took some time this evening to play with fabric again.  I had a piece of lace yardage I’ve been trying to work into something for months.  Tonight I finally took the scissors to it!  The lace fabric had a pattern to it, that was crying to be cut apart into strips, leaving a scalloped edge to each strip.  This may very well turn into a couple toddler petticoats…………or one really fancy, frilly little girl dress…………or ruffles on a twirl skirt.   The options are buzzing in my head!


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