The Making of a Yarn Stash

Hard to believe for you knitters out there…………but, I was operating this past couple years without a stash!  I had a few skeins of yarn, but that does not qualify as a stash!

I’ve moved and then moved again two more times in the last 5 years.    Since I knew these moves were coming, I didn’t add to my collection/addiction.  It was getting pretty darned hard to come up with anything to knit, with the exception of socks.  I will never be without sock yarn!

Without planning on adding a huge influx of yummy yarns, I was updating my Craigslist listings for my local business………..altering & custom design………..and decided to just search for yarn.  Whoa!  I ran across two listings that sounded ….and looked…….pretty darned fantastic.

I picked up one of the listings last week, and the yarn was amazing.  So was the price.  I continued to work with the other seller, who was not local to me……….    She agreed to a price, and to shipping the yarn to me!  It arrived today and it was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!  Two huge boxes, crammed with lovely, lovely yarn.  Opening each box was amazing, and opening each package inside the boxes was beyond fun.  More fun than adding one type of yarn at a time!

I have a stash again!  A real  stash, with all types of yarn.  Lots of wool for felting, a bit of silk, some baby camel, alpaca, lovely cottons and a dash of novelty yarns.    Terrific colors too.    It is almost too exciting!

No pictures yet, as I have not figured out where to put all this.  No…….I did not think of that first!  🙂  When I figure out where this all goes……..I’ll attempt to get a picture before I start working on projects.

I don’t know what to start on first!  What a delightful problem to have.


No sewing today.  None.  I did a bit of playing with the new lace strips I made yesterday.  Trying to decide if they go on separately or layered in ruffles sewn to an underslip of sorts.  Pretty either way, and surprising to me, they look better on white than on a color.  Was thinking color at first……….

Had a new client drop off an alteration job this evening.  Daughter of a regular client.

Picked up the missing glue stick to put together my new hang tags for the Swag Bags.  Had no idea glue sticks came in purple!  And, it disappears when dry.  Pretty cool.  I plan on recruiting help to get these 60 items labeled and packaged, so glue that doesn’t show sounds like a good plan.


3 thoughts on “The Making of a Yarn Stash

  1. I have an extensive yarn, lace, embroidery thread and fabric stashes. I’ve seen coffee cups emblazoned with, “She Who Dies With The Most Fabric Wins!!”; leaving me wonder, what would be written on a coffee cup to sum up my stashes…”She Who Dies With The Most Fabric, Lace, Yarn & Embroidery Thread…Good Grief, Girl!”

    In my design studio I have Bernina sewing & serger machine, and a Passap knitting machine. Inspiration is just a glance away to some corner or shelf…Quilts are displayed on the walls, folded neatly on shelves and hanging on an ingenious ‘quilt ladder’ I designed, and my husband built for me.

    Needlearts and sewing are more than a hobby…it’s a passion! I don’t know how you can describe that on a coffee mug…

    Annie at Willow Cottage

  2. rhymit61: I’m discovering I’m over thinking what to do with each new yarn! I don’t want to not like my choices…. Have almost decided on the first project…….we’ll see if I actually knit/crochet this up, or just save it to look at & fondle! 🙂

    Annie: Instead of a coffee mug, perhaps one of those vacuum pump coffee dispenser things??? I’m sure you could get it custom printed, wrapping the print around………..and around………and around! 🙂

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