Playing with Fabric

I took time, in between clients orders, to play with fabric today.  I had all sorts of combination’s out on the cutting table, looking for something to go with some vintage lace fabric I had prepared yesterday.  I thought the lace would go over the top of something, but I didn’t like that at all.  I tried over pink…….predictable and not so great………..I tried over white…….and that wasn’t good at all.  I switched to letting the fabric be on top and the lace on the bottom and this is the result…………Lavender and Lace Twirl Skirt….

I truly am addicted to ruffles & lace!  I made myself put all the frilly goodies away when I got this done, so I could get back to work.


I shortened  a pair of baseball pants.  Glad I didn’t have to make a pair.  What a complicated bunch of sewing goes into these!  Who knew there were air vents in the crotch of baseball pants??  Gads!

Shortened sleeves on a jacket and fixed waistband elastic in a pair of pants, so the elastic won’t get all bunched up.

I spent about an hour, cleaning and organizing in the sewing room.  I’m trying to make room for more supplies.  I need a system.  I have some storage shelves, and a hanging area, but there are so many things that just don’t hang up, or fold up.  Bags of ribbons need a home.  (and I’d love to be able to see them all the time too).  Maybe that is my difficulty here; I want to actually SEE what I’ve got to work with.   I can tell that isn’t going to work over the long haul………………I’m going to commit to giving an hour a day to the organizing of this space and see what happens in a couple weeks.

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