A Catch-All Post

I’ve had one of those days that seemed busy, but as I reflect (and try to come up with a witty summary of the day)……….I didn’t get much accomplished.

I had a post this AM in my email, discussing the need to Spring Clean ones’ studio space.  Funny, I had just been mentioning that here.  So, that’s where I started.  I had managed to haul all the new yarn (several cases of it) into the studio, but there it sat.  I played musical boxes for a bit and made some headway.  I have now sorted and found a home for baby yarn, novelty yarn and an area for the mohair, silk and baby camel.

I’ve got to come up with some more space for the wool, cotton and acrylic blends.  So, in the big picture, I am spring cleaning.  I have to in order to get this all up off the floor so I can move in here.

I did get one piece of an order finished for Client Y.  Two more to go on this order & I’m dragging my feet on them, as they are bathing suit alterations.   Not something I do a lot of here in WA state!  🙂

Stuck in a meeting this afternoon, (that real life stuff, interfering with work!)  but I did choose to crochet during the meeting.  Thought about asking the group, but I just picked it up and carried on!  No one said anything.  I’m still working on the 60 soap saver sacks for the Swag Bags.  I’m thinking I can finish these tomorrow…………..only 6 left!  Pretty sure I don’t want to make any of these for a while!!!!!!

The Soap Sack Saga has pushed me to tidy up my packaging details too.  I’ve now got hang tags, with my Etsy shop address on them and the plastic bags to put the smaller items in.  Business cards:  Check.  Tissue Paper:  check (can’t believe how hard this was to find!) Mailing envelopes and boxes:  Check.      I’ve been so excited when I’ve sold items, I just get the one thing mailed …….and haven’t really had a system here.   It feels better to be a little more prepared!

I did get another item finished and listed last night.  This yummy little baby blanket.  It had been cut out and was just in line, waiting to be sewn together for absolutely weeks.  I think the spring cleaning bug is what got this moved to the sewing machine!

I’m up to 64 items listed………..inching my way to my goal of 100.  I am trying hard to re-do the initial offerings in the shop, as their photos were SO bad.  Really awful.  I know I’ve got tons left to learn in this regard, but at least I’m getting pictures up that don’t make me ill when I look back on them.

That’s it.  I made nothing into a blog entry.  🙂


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