A Shop Review for Fab Friday!

The Fab Friday Find has to be this review!  I am so excited!

It is so odd to read about oneself.  Odd………….but, good!    Lindsey did such a nice job…..(thanks so much!).

If you’d like to see the review, please see it here.

The rest of the news is………….get the drum roll going in your head here…………..   The 60 Crocheted Soap Sacks are DONE.  All but 5 are packaged too.  Hoping to get a few pics tomorrow, so wanted to keep some out, so they photograph better than those in the plastic.  My hand is complaining about the non stop crocheting!

I did learn a few things with this project:

–  I CAN make 60 somethings in just a few days!

–  Crocheting is a speedy art form!

–  My hands are feeling their age!

–  I’ve got extra packaging materials ready now, so when I finally get another sale, I’m ready this time!

–   And……………..it takes me exactly 15 minutes to make one of the sacks from start to finish.  Including weaving in the ends, making the drawstring and weaving it in.    I don’t want to make a soap sack for a while!   Learned that too!  🙂

Two regular clients had appointments today.  One had 3 items for me to work on, the other had 2, but neither were great candidates for alterations.  A baseball shirt, with a knit nylon band thing on the bottom………I’m sure I couldn’t get it to go back on if I shortened the shirt.  It was all put on with a machine, and I can’t replicate that process.  The other was a very interesting cocktail type dress.  A little black dress.  Not a simple little black dress.  The dress was made, then there were bias bands sewn on the entire dress.  So, there were no seams available, without taking all the bands off the dress.   I could make her a new dress for less time & money.    I’m finally getting to a place where I can tell clients I don’t want to take on a job.  So much easier this way.  I remember saying I could do things in the past……….then, agonizing over how in the world to accomplish them.

I knit on my diagonal baby blanket until I ran out of yarn.  It’s a basic baby yarn, so I should be able to pick up another ball………..I need to finish the blanket and then add a crocheted edging to the whole thing.

I crocheted a bit of fuzzy edging to one of the American girl sweaters.  Will take a pic of this and add it to the listing as a custom possibility.

In between all that, I mowed the lawns and cleaned house a bit……since we have out of town company here for Easter weekend.  I will be in the kitchen almost all my waking hours.  I hate to cook!  Would rather make everyone something new to wear!  🙂


One thought on “A Shop Review for Fab Friday!

  1. That is a great review. It speaks not only of your knitting skills but also of your customer service. Hopefully it will generate more customers for you. I knew you would finish those soap sacks before May 1.

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