Played With Yarn Today

I saw this pattern in a blog……….just the picture.  And, the blog was written in what I am thinking was German.  I don’t speak/read German.  I’m pretty sure I won’t live long enough to master English!

Anyhow………I took my new ribbon yarn and 3 circular needles outside, since we had what might have been Spring today………..and I started in on figuring out this pattern:

I’m loving it!  I used something like a 5 needle the first time, and just kept going.  Very lightweight and the ribbon yarn holds up enough that the pattern of the crossed dropped stitches shows up.   It should be clearer about the criss crosses after I block this.

I also experimented with a frame as I was editing this pic.  I like it.  Could be the bit about the hot pink and black color scheme………happens to be my #1 favorite color combination.

I didn’t have much time in the studio today.  Spent most of my time in the kitchen, cooking for out-of-town company.  We did have an extremely yummy Quiche for breakfast, with a fresh pineapple.  Skipped lunch, as everyone was too full from breakfast.  Dinner was home-made pizza and an orange/romaine salad with beer!  Very yummy also.  Not much of a drinker here, but the beer did hit the spot.

I squeezed in 2 clients today.  One regular with a special request.  I hemmed a baseball uniform shirt while she waited.  The other was a new client from my Craigslist ad………just a quick fitting for some alterations to a pair of slacks.  The sewing room TO DO list is filling up again. Love it!  I’m remembering to tell all my clients about the Etsy store (actually have business cards I give out) and I let them know I’m working full-time in the sewing room……….to be sure to pass my name along to friends & family.

Spent the last 30 minutes, editing some pictures from early items in the shop.  What was I thinking?  These are not perfect, but they are better. At least I can see some progression!

Time’s up, I need to get some sleep before it is time to get up & report to the kitchen again.  Home made cranberry & orange scones with breakfast tomorrow.  And, we’re breaking out of the usual Easter menu mold here.  I’m serving Curried Chicken with potatoes & cauliflower………..spicy & healthier than ham I think.

Have a Blessed Easter!


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