I’d Rather Sew Than Cook!

I love holidays…………..and Easter is one of my favorites; but the constant cooking and kitchen duty are not very high up on my life list.

I continue to come up with  menu plans to create more time in my week to NOT cook.  Once a Month Cooking has nothing on me!    Even though I had out-of-town company this weekend, I still made all my meals count for at least part of another meal!  I joke with my family, that I’d much rather quilt & applique everyone a place mat with pretend place settings on it…………and pretend food on the plates………..than cook a real meal!  No one has gone for my plan as yet!

I managed to scrape out some knitting time today, in between meals and prep for the next one.  The dropped stitch scarf with a twist, is about 2′ long at this point.  I’ve attached the 2nd ball of ribbon yarn and still have 2 to go………….if I think it needs to be really long.  Sometimes I’m not sure until  I can see & feel how the fabric of the scarf is going to re act, or act, when it ties or loops.  I do think this one might end up with some sort of tassel and bead arrangement on the ends…..there is a bit of a lightweight issue going on, and I’d like it better if it had more of a ‘hang’ to it.

Looking forward to getting back to work this week.  I miss my studio…………my fabric………..and yarn!


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