Back to Work

Although………….it’s hardly work.  I am so blessed to be able to work at home, doing something I truly love.  I need another word I think.  Although, work is the only word most people understand, when I need to get busy here.  If anyone has a better word, I’d love to switch!

Whatever the word, the company left and I managed to get back into the studio for a few hours this afternoon…………and plan to head there this evening, while sneaking in a bit of guilty pleasure of my own……….watching Dancing With The Stars.  I can’t watch TV unless I’m doing something constructive; I don’t know what decade it was when I just sat & watched TV.  I always feel like I’ve got way too much to do!

I’ve got 3 of the 8 jackets put together, up to the point of the finishing.  Hems, buttons, topstitching, etc.  Hoping to get the rest of this order cut out tomorrow.  The next jacket has so few pieces, and no button type events, so it should go quickly.  I have not made this pattern before, however………….so it will go slow for a bit, until I start to find the best way to construct them.

One new client today, with an order for 5 crocheted Christmas stockings.  Love this job, as it is just some easy grannie squares put together to make a sock….PLUS, they aren’t due until November!  I wish everyone planned ahead like this; it would make my schedule so much easier to manage.

I received another email from the local woman I had bought yarn from last week. She has located all of her yarn stash, and needs to sell it before Wednesday!  Of this week!  She is moving out-of-state & can’t take her yarn with her.  This is sounding like one of those……….bad for her, good for me, stories, huh?  I have an appointment to see her tomorrow, to take a look at what she has left.  The yarn I bought from her last week was lovely.  New, clean, stored properly…………and at a price I could not match even if I bought yarn on sale.  I will have enough yarn to last me for months and months!

Enough with the writing about what I need to be doing.  I’d best just get to DOING.


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