Surrounded by Yarn

I met with my new best friend from Craigs list again today.  She is the one I bought a little bit of yarn from last week…………      Today, I came home with a car full of yarn.   What a bit of chance, truly a serendipitous quick view of Craigslist a couple of weeks ago!

I’m not one to check CL on a regular basis, although I’m now pretty good about logging on to my account there, to update my listings daily.  For some reason, I did a search for yarn and came up with these 2 entries ………which have now formed my yarn stash from heaven!  I have never had this much yarn.  Never.  And, I’ve never, ever had this quality of yarn….nor, the variety.

Todays’ new addition included about a dozen zip locks full of hand spun!  What a gift.  Can’t wait to start knitting fall & winter type items with any of my new goodies.

With all this new yarn, my imagination is working overtime.  Patterns, ideas…………knit or crochet????…………   I just need more time!


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