Least Favorite Seam Finish

It’s official.  I’m not enjoying the flat-felled seam finish I’m supposed to be using on Client A’s jackets.

The fabric is a faux fur, with a short nap, and it seems really stretchy……….especially when I’m aiming to fold over the seam allowance to finish the seam.  There is no way this looks good.  My work looks like I just began sewing………..or, I’ve been drinking all evening.  Neither of which is true!  🙂

I did one jacket with a serged finish, and then laid it down and stitched it, so it lays flat……   Looks so much better, but the serged seam does show.   Perhaps I can change the clients mind, and I can cut some time off the next batch of jackets?

The other problem with this fabric and the design is the pocket.  Patch, sort of.  With both sides of the pocket stuck in seams and the top cut at an angle………..it gaps.  The top edge gets a narrow hem, and it just hangs out from the jacket.  I’ve tried twill tape in the hem, that does nothing…..but make it hang out  AND be stiff.    Next possible solution ……….and the easiest……….I’m going to serge the top edge, then roll it over into a narrow hem, hoping the serged edge holds it taut.  After that, lining the pocket?  Interfacing the pocket?  Ick.  I so want these done tonight.

Besides this jacket order……….  a few more rows on my Crossed Dropped stitch scarf.  Still loving it.  I do have beads now that match the yarn exactly.   Adding beads to my knitting is a new deal for me……….this will be only my 3rd venture, so still in uncharted territory.  Have no idea what I’m doing in other words!  I imagine the beads being part of some sort of fringe/tassel arrangement on the ends of the scarf.  This would be good, as it needs some weight to really hang.  It sort of flips out now………as it is very lightweight, crossing my fingers I can come up with something that adds to this scarf……….not something that looks like it has been Added!

Times’s up, I need to get myself in front of the sewing machine, not the computer!


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