Jackets Completed!

I’m experiencing a temporary feeling of being almost caught up here.  I have put off emailing Client A about the jackets being completed because as soon as I do, she will be here with another large order!

I just need a couple days to take care of a list of little jobs, to clear the deck…………or more to the point……….the cutting table.    Many pairs of slacks and jeans to hem, a couple blouses needing cuffs set up and a job that has been on the list WAY too long………….the re covering of the chair cushions.

Those chair cushions are making me more than a little cranky today.  I’ve got the project collected, and I’ve found the staple gun…………not a typical sewing room tool here……..    But, I am still stuck on Pause!

I either need to trust myself and start hacking away at the fabric, OR………..cut out a pattern from scrap material (affectionately called garbage fabric here in my shop).  One or the other, tomorrow is my deadline for getting these silly cushions to the sewing machine.  This is what could only be called jury-rigged.  I’m putting a new fabric over the top of the old fabric and doing some pretty unconventional things to this job.

The cushion that fits over the back of this metal framed office chair, is 2 sided, and folded over and snapped.  The snaps are staying in the old cushion and I’m making buttonholes in the new, so the snaps poke through.  Told you it was an odd duck.  I have no way of making snaps this size.  I’m not even sure where to buy these, if I could put them in.  They look like snaps I’ve seen on window coverings in boats………..huge snaps.  So, buttonholes it is.  The other odd piece is the cushion is sewn together, front to back, then the back side just has a slit cut in it to shove the foam piece in.  Can’t believe this is the way it was constructed!  But, copy it I will.  I do think I’ll serge around the edges, just to make me feel better.  🙂

The rest of my day:     A bit of knitting snatched in between waiting for clients and during a meeting here.  I cast off on the ribbon yarn, dropped, crossed stitch scarf.  LOVE it!  I’ve got quite a bit of tedious hand stitching on it, to sew the loose ends in.  There were oh, so many knots in these balls of yarn……..I’ve got numerous ends to secure.   Then, it will be time to play with my new beads and come up with a finish for both ends of this new item.

Since I had cast off on the ribbon event………….I picked up one of the lace weight scarves…….and worked about 6″ on it today.  Love this one too.  It isn’t looking very spring/summer like, but it is going in the shop just as soon as I can get it done!  Might be winter before that happens!  Lace weight AND small needles….it is taking an age to see any progress on this one.

I thought I’d catch up as to what projects are on the needles here:

—–Apricot lace weight scarf (also on small needles)………….only a smidgen of the way in on this project.  Might be done in 2012.

—–Baby blanket in white boucle………on decent sized needles, should be done in May.  Have ordered some narrow white satin ribbon to weave through the yarn overs in the border.   Can’t wait to see this completed.  It is so soft & cuddly!

——Custom order socks out of the new corn fiber yarn.  Pink & green……….first sock is at the picking up stitches and gusset stage.  Oh………..on size 1 needles.

——-And, lastly, a pair of socks for me!  These silly things were started last summer some time.  I always start a pair of socks when I’ve got a certain relative going in for some major surgery.  These are the hip replacement socks!  🙂   Also a size 1 needle, one sock completed, the other is at the heel turning stage as I remember.  It’s been weeks since I’ve knit on these.

I just realized I have no crocheting I’m working on .   I do have the 5 granny square Christmas stockings to do, but nothing else.  So, to fix that………..I ordered a couple pattern books today, all full of crocheted baby booties & shoes.

Back to work here. …planning a couple hours in the sewing room, with the goal being to clear out some of the little bitty orders before the new batch of fabrics arrive for more jackets.

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