Computer Down……..Productivity Up

Sorry I’ve been absent!  That doesn’t mean I have not been busy.  Quite the contrary. 

My computer contracted a nasty series of viruses this past week end and I quickly dropped it off at my favorite IT gentleman (aka my son in law).  No word on it’s estimated return date, so I thought I should get back to my usual habit of writing daily………even though that means I’m borrowing a computer.  It also means no photos. 

The biggest thing that happened is the time that opened up due to no computer.  HA.  I knew this, but what a concrete lesson.  With it gone, I am using another computer on site, but it isn’t mine……….so I’m quickly getting on, checking emails, the Etsy shop, and doing whatever I need to do quickly.  Notice the word need.  There is a huge time difference here!

With all my new found time, I’ve been busy.  Doubly busy when the sun finally decided to shine here in WA state.  I have been in the garden, still cleaning up the beds & getting ready to plant the veggies.  I’m hauling them inside every evening, as I’m not confident we have exhausted all our nippy cold nights yet. 

On the sewing/knitting/crochet front………….   Too much fun!   

I’ve finished the mohair ruffled scarf.  Have no idea what to call it that truly describes it.  This is the pattern with the short rows, making it form a ruffly bit on both sides.  Looks like a DNA strand if you let it hang down!   The yarn is varigated; sunset colors………red, gold, purples, yellow….pretty stunning, but then……….I’m biased!     Will be taking pics today………hoping I can do it justice.

A set of 3 knit and felted bowls are also finished.  I made all three alike, just graduated in size.  The colors are similar, but each has an additional strand of yarn that is different.  They look blue, with touches of purple, plum and rose in them.  I forget felting and each time I do a project I am reminded of how much fun I have doing it. 

While I was in the felting mode, I knit some beads!  Way fun!  I have a set of 5 in what I call Ballet Pink.  That Oh-so-Pale, barely pink!  They are small, about 3/8″  in diameter.  I’m toying with making these into a necklace myself…………but, might list them in the shop until I decide.  I would need to purchase some jewelry supplies and I’ve been resisting adding another craft to the mix here.  I’ve got a 2nd set of the beads done too……..a patriotic grouping of 2 white, 2 navy and 2 red.    I have all the felted items drying on a rack in the kitchen!  I love seeing them all lined up!

On the needles:  Another baby blanket……….knit in white.  The new ribbon came, which I’m planning to weave in the crocheted border.  I’m on the last half of the blanket, then just have the border.  Loving the look and feel of this project.  Looks like a christening blanket to me! 

A fun idea, but still not confident it is going to turn out to be something I like.  I’m knitting a fortune cookie!  Tedious pattern, and then I’ll have to felt it too.    The idea I’m following has a fortune written on satin ribbon, and I’m pretty sure I can’t do that.  I imagine the ink running like crazy. 

I’ve started a diagonal knit scarf in cotton & cashmire…… beautifully soft, but I’m not sure this one is going to be a good fit.  Will need to go another couple inches before I decide if it is the right pattern for the yarn.

And, one more small bowl knitted………waiting for finishing touches, then off to the washer to be felted.  Planning on doing 2 more, for a set of 3.  Making these all alike, as they felt the same and I don’t have to look at all 3 during the washing process……..just monitor one. 

I’ve got 2 petticoats cut out and ready to sew, as well as 2 more baby quilt/blankets ready to finish up too. 

Time’s up……..the household is beginning to hum with people getting up.  The dog wants out, and there is breakfast to make.


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