Putting my Washing Machine to Work

Todays’ a felting day, so the washing machine is my best friend today.  I’ve always been fascinated with felting (except for reading about accounts of children working to make the fabric, back in the dark ages).   Felting today is a much friendlier activity! 

I’ve been making a small knitted bowl out of many of my new wool yarns……….   I want to know how well they all felt, prior to making something larger.    I’m experimenting with a basic pattern, adding some bits of novelty yarns or hand spun mystery yarns…………and truly having such fun just mixing and matching.   

Today is the day to see what works, what I still want to fiddle with and what really doesn’t need to see the light of day.  I will try to remember to get some ‘before’ pictures prior to tossing these into the hot water bath!    I’m terrible with that; not just with the felting, but with any of the projects here!

After I gather up the practice bowls, I think I will have 6………although one is definitely going to be more of a tray than a bowl.   It’s not even for practice, it was just to use up the Lamb’s Pride that was laying about here.    Still not done with the felted fortune cookie, and I still can’t quite figure out the pattern/directions.  Knitting away, no problem there, but prior to felting it says to stitch shut……..which would make it tricky to get the fortune inside.  Hmmm.   Will see if I can get this finished up before tossing the rest of the items to the washing machine….it might just have to be first in line for the next batch.

The rest of the day is looking very bridal.  I have a new client coming with a wedding dress to be shortened & bustled.  The mother of the bride is also coming……….not sure what her dress needs.  This will be a fairly quick turn around, as her wedding is the first week of July.  I typically like more time, so I can be sure they get the dress back with weeks to spare.  I don’t press the dresses, so they need time to get them to the dry cleaners after I’m done. 

Working out the details for a custom order from the Etsy shop.   This will be the first time I ship outside the US, so I imagine I’ll be learning a couple new things with this transaction.  I’m slowly getting over my surprise at how complicated my life was going to get after opening up the Etsy shop!  🙂  Here I thought I was just going to knit, crochet & sew! 

Time to get to work…………and yes, I’m still borrowing a computer here!  Can’t wait to get mine back.


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