Still Just Words

Yes, I’m still without my computer…………..thus, no pictures!  I have a pile of finished items, with pictures all lined up.  I was waiting patiently, now I’m getting a touch cranky!

Cranky aside, here’s the status of my very productive week (without the time stealing computer).

The white, more-than-soft baby blanket is off the needles and I’m 2 rows into the crocheted border.  The satin ribbon has also arrived, so this luscious item is probably going to be done by tomorrow.  Then, I’ll have a new problem.  How to take a picture of a white item, and still have a white background?  Would love to hear suggestions!

I finished 2 crocheted scarves yesterday.  One fuchsia and one black.   The fuchsia is a woven event, I can’t really call it yarn.  It seems like something that would have been used for a macrame project in the  60’s.  It is very soft and really turned out well.  The black is a chenille yarn, which is not very high up on my favorite yarn list………..but, I’m liking it too.  I crocheted in lengthwise, and doubled the stitches on the 3rd row, letting it curl around.  Very fun and yummy soft to touch.  Both of these are out of my typical zone, if that makes any sense. 

The 2 crocheted baby slipper pattern booklets arrived this week, and I quickly searched for an appropriate yarn for the Ballet Slippers.  These are in a dusty shade of lavender/periwinkle and they are one of the cuter things I’ve ever made.  I used a satin cording for the ties, using white, as I know I would never find a cording to match.  I like the contrast better than the pattern, as you can’t tell there is a way to keep them on the kiddo if the cording matches.  I’m pretty sure practical isn’t going to be a word used to describe these, but would they ever make a cute prop for a photo of a little one in one of those over sized tutus!

My 4 sample felt projects made it through the washer and have dried.  3 hits and 1 miss.  Well, to be totally honest, 1 hit, 2 kinda-sorta, and one total miss.  The miss is pretty much my favorite item however.  Too early to tell if the total miss turns out to be something I can revamp or not.  I was going for a tray of sorts, to put on a dresser top to hold keys, change, cell phone, etc.  I used a scrap of Lambs Pride, which is one of my all time favorites…………   However, instead of a tray, I have a seriously sturdy frisbee.  Not what I was going for!  Since I don’t have a frisbee catching dog, I fiddled with the edges of the tray/frisbee and now have a wavy edged, yet un named item.  I’m going to attempt to cut the fabric (and what beautiful fabric it is!) to see if I can fiddle and twist it around to become a felted flower.  In my head, it seems like it works! 

Pictures taken of the other 3 felted items………….One little tiny bowl, that is more than cute.  The other 2 bowls are OK, but I’ve learned not to use so much of the novelty yarns, as they overpower the felting.  At least my combinations did.  This is one of the times, where no one would know there was a problem, as the bowls are fine, just not what I was aiming for! 

Crossing my fingers the computer makes it back home this week.  I’ve got a huge batch of pictures needing editing and a pile of items to list on the Etsy shop.  I know I’ll be tempted to put them all on at once, but think it will more than likely be a couple a day until they all make their debut.  I’m going to be at the 75 items mark I think!  Well on my way to my goal of 100 items listed.   ( I would much prefer to have the total number going down however………… Selling items is WAY more fun)

I do have a potential custom order that is in the works.  Must get to the store tomorrow & pick up some fabric………….ick……..retail. 

I also have an inquiry from my ongoing Craigslist ad, regarding the bulk elastic I have on the Etsy shop.  Sending off samples tomorrow……..hoping this results in a sale.  The buyer makes tutus & thinks this might work for her. 

Many local sewing clients;  my TO DO list in the studio is almost full.  Today is not going to result in much sewing/creating time, as I’ve got company coming for brunch.    On that note………….I should get myself to the kitchen!


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