My Computer is Back!

The computer is back, all fixed up and quicker than ever.  With the new printer now working too, I’m in heaven.   I will take care not to let this take over again!   I enjoyed having more time to create when I wasn’t spending the hours in front of my computer!

I have dozens of new items finished, and most have pictures already taken.  I’ve spent some time today, editing a batch of them and did get this new scarf up on the Etsy shop site.

The colors look pretty close to the actual scarf, at least on my monitor.  The thing I can’t seem to show, or describe well, is the lighter-than-air quality this ended up having.

I can’t wait to do this scarf in another yarn, this time I’m going to find a solid color yarn, so the actual pattern of all the short rows shows up.  It was such fun to knit too….

I have a shawl in the Etsy shop out of this same mohair and it was featured in a recent treasury by Rhymit.  Stop by & take a look!  (thank  you Rhymit!)


I’ve been busy here in the studio.

The 2 chair cushions are finished.  At least as far as I can go.  Just as I was going to sew in the buttons the client had provided, I discovered 2 buttons had no hole drilled through for the needle & thread.  I must call this woman………….I’ve forgot to do this for the past 2 days.

I’m almost done with 2 jackets for Client A.  I’m copying a sample, that has an error on it, so it’s not so much a copy as trying to make up #2 & #3 without the same error.  Slow going so far.  Just the lining to sew into the jackets and then some serious hand stitching to attach over-sized snaps to the collars and fronts.

The white knit baby blanket is finished.  Just need to weave the satin ribbon through the border area, and take the pictures.  Still stumped as to how to display a white item.

I cast on a new project a couple nights ago.  A yummy cloche, made with Satin yarn in a pale green colorway.   I’m loving this so far………..we’ll see if it makes it through to become a finished item.  The first steps were to knit 2 ruffles, then hold one back, and knit the 2 of them together to start the band of the hat.  Love odd little bits of knitting like that.  I might have the band done tonight, then I’ll need to block it, as the rest of the hat starts with picking up stitches along the band.  This isn’t really a summer item, so will most likely hold it back for fall.  That, and the fact I have no way to display it for a photo.     I need to get a hat form or a wig stand or something…..    One more thing to add to my wish list!

Holding to my new commitment to hold the line with computer time………….I’m out of here & back to work!

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