Playing Catch Up

I’m going to play a bit of catch up tonight, with pics & listings that were waiting patiently for the computer to get back from sick bay.

Crocheted baby ballet slippers!  What  a sweet little pair these turned out to be.  Since I hadn’t crocheted slippers for years, (probably closer to decades) I did these up as my sample/test pair.  I love them!   Since I’m a horrible person and never do a gauge swatch, surprise!!!!!  These turned out exactly the length the pattern said they would.  Gotta love when that happens!

Set of 3 Felted bowls  These were so fun to make.  Felting never ceases to amuse me.  It seems to have a bit of magic involved, although I know it is just the hot water meeting wool fibers………….it is always such a surprise to see the item really take shape and become something solid when it comes out of the washer!

Yards of Scarf   Another crocheted item…..   This picture makes it look more like something that is alive!  Some of the other pictures may be a better choice, but I loved how something so narrow, when wrapped multiple times, looked so substantial.     This scarf has been featured in a treasury here, called Storms.

That’s it for the new things tonight…..I need to save a couple for tomorrow!


I have been sticking to the Create Something Daily Challenge, and have been pretty close to getting something new listed in the Etsy shop every week.

Today I started work really early, grabbing a couple hours before anyone else stirred here.  I love working when the house is all quiet and the phone is not likely to ring either!   I had the Friday fitting deadline on the wedding dress and mom of the bride dress………looming over me!  I made progress on the wedding dress, but ran into a road block on the moms dress & wanted to steer Client K towards another way to shorten the dress.  What I had thought was a beaded trim on a band, inserted in a seam……….turns out to be just a beaded piece, no band, just hand stitched on every 3/8″ around the hipline seam.  YUK.  Anyway, as soon as it got to be a decent time, I was going to call them……….and they phoned, putting the fitting off til the first week in June.  Happy Dancing all over the studio here!!!   Posed the Plan B on moms dress so they can be thinking……….    but, I have a bit more time to get both dresses ready for the fitting now.

Switched gears quickly after the phone call  & started in on the 2 custom coats for Client A.  Not a bit fond of these, for no particular reason.  I’m still not done with them, having to pin the lining into the jacket at this point, and wrap a piece of the coat back over the lining to form sort of a frame for the lining.  Looks good, but tedious work, since both fabrics are knits and they act differently.  Once I get them sewed in, I still have all the snaps to hand stitch.  Aiming for tomorrow on these!

I did grab some knitting time today, finishing up the band to the new knitted cloche.  Blocking next, and then I can pick up stitches to make the actual hat.  Still loving this project!

Also started a crocheted baby slipper, shaped like a slip on sandal.  So cute.  Have one finished and the 2nd maybe half way.  Just need to search out an appropriate ribbon for ties and I’ve got just the thing for a summer baby!

Squeezed in a fitting at the local retirement home.  I was told 2 pair of slacks, the order turned into 12 pieces of clothing, all needing to be tried on and marked.  I need to schedule a bigger block of time for these appointments!

My TO DO board is full.  I’ve got all 10 of my numbers assigned to clients.  No more!  I have to get some off the board prior to agreeing to a new job.  (just have to keep repeating that to myself now!)

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