Less Than Productive Today

Today felt very disjointed to me.  Not quite out of sorts, but definitely a mixed up day.   Working at home became a negative today, as I got pulled from the studio every time I turned around.

Let’s see…………first thing was of course, getting someone off to school, not much required, but I like to at least show my face.

Next, a bit of OAMC (once a month cooking) my style.  Not enough for a month……but more than one meal for sure.  I cleaned up and got 3 fryers into the oven to roast.  Then, back to the studio for a bit of sewing on the 2 coats that never seems to end!  Back to the kitchen to take out the birds……….   They needed to cool, so back to the coats.  (see how the morning went??)     Birds are cool enough to handle, so started removing meat to package for the freezer.

About this time, it was getting closer to lunch………so pulled off some meat for a couple of chicken salads, while making enough salad to have for dinner too.  Set aside chicken for dinner.  Got the rest packaged for the freezer and tossed the bones into a stock pot to simmer with all sorts of goodies to flavor the broth.

Had a meeting in the afternoon, and then there was dinner to assemble (mostly done during lunch) and whoosh………..the day was supposed to be over.  HA.  Never is when you work at home!

I never did get back to the 2 coats!  They are getting picked up on Sunday….so I’ll have to put in the time over the next 2 days.

I did knit on the socks for Client D during the meeting.  Finished the heel/gusset area and am on the foot of sock #1 finally.  I am now sure I won’t knit on this yarn again, it is corn fiber and I am positive it squeaks as it goes through my fingers and the needles.  Not so fond of yarn that talks to me!

Somewhere, later on in the afternoon, back to the kitchen to package up all the broth for the freezer.

So, I guess I can see where the day went…………….   To the chickens!  However, it will be a great thing to count on for some quick meals in the coming weeks.  Gotta love the freezer!

Hoping tomorrow brings more chunks of time that I can at least see progress in the studio!  One client after dinner, and I’m prepared for her already.

Lest I seem cranky, I am truly grateful my skills let me work from home.  It is just hard to mesh home and work, if that makes any sense?


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