Making Time for Creativity

After the last couple days, I’m pretty sure I don’t know HOW to make time for Creativity!

I have a deadline of 2 jackets due tomorrow morning……….and I’m not quite done with them yet.  I will be able to finish them, but I really don’t like working on things until the last minute.  Giving clients their orders, hot off the sewing machine isn’t my idea of a relaxing week-end.

I digress.  Back to not knowing how to make time.    Working at home makes this such a tricky deal for me.  I don’t have a pack of small kiddos running around……..but, I do have an almost independent teen, and let’s not forget I moved in to my mom’s house to help care for her and her house & yard.  Now, there is the kicker!  Mom is doing so much better; for which I’m more than grateful………but I’m pulled in different directions, ALL the time.

I’ve tried saying “I’m going to the studio to work for a few hours………….you know that order I have due on Sunday??”    This works for about 5 minutes; then a request from the doorway………..or on the intercom…..could I do her hair if she shampooed it?    What do you think we should have for lunch?   I was wondering about planting the tomatoes today??

I’ve tried to ask the night before, “what would you like me to do tomorrow, for you?”    Obviously, that isn’t working.  Usually, she says she doesn’t need anything.

So, I guess I need to just stick with my first thought at the beginning of the post.  I need to be grateful life is going well here.     I’ll just need to get more creative at finding time to be Creative!


In between the typical day-to-day stuff here, I did manage to work on the 2 jackets.  I only have hand sewing on them both tonight.  Maybe an hours worth, if I stick with it!

I knit a bit on the new hat, from the Boutique Knits book.  Love so many things from this book, have 2 of them on the needles.  Working on the main part of the hat now, have 4″ to knit, in just plain old knitting.  (oft-times I call this my ‘stupid’ knitting)

I did finish editing another items’ pictures & have this necklace on the Etsy site.

I’ve been thinking about using other things besides typical yarn for jewelry type pieces.  This is item #2.  I have quite an array of novelty yarns now, so plan to start experimenting with them.  Getting from the idea in my head, to something I can take a picture of is not always a smooth road.


Back to the title………….I’m going to wrap this post up, and get back to finding time to Create!  It’s NOW.  Everyone is in bed, the house is quiet, the dog has been walked, the studio is calling me………………


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