What Kind of a Knitter are You?

I think there are a couple basic groups of knitters.  Nothing scientific here, just my observations and personal experience here.

Some of the traits overlap, but I really think there are a couple of things that define knitters.  The first being, do you knit only one thing at a time?  Or, do you have multiple projects going on at once? I’m in the latter grouping…………currently I’ve got 2 pair of socks on the needles, a lace scarf in progress, a hat about half way done and a couple of works in progress that could technically qualify as vintage! 

Secondly, I still run into “knitters” that can’t, won’t or a combination of the two, “crochet”.    How come?  So many current patterns now combine the two techniques.     They aren’t that different, when you really look at the path the yarn takes.  They are both just a series of loops and yarn going through more loops.  Two needles (or more) or a hook?  The tools are just there to assist us to get the yarn through the loops.    I’m in the group that loves both knitting AND crochet; for several reasons.  I like patterns that I find in both, and love being able to switch from one to another so I can make what I want.  I like the looks of both knitting and crocheting; the way the two give me such different fabrics.  My hands really appreciate being able to switch from one position to the other as I get older.  I don’t remember when this happened, but I can’t knit & crochet for long periods of time anymore; I need to take breaks and move my hands differently.  I can’t imagine how I would/will feel if I get to a point I can’t work with my hands. 

Another distinction………    There are  knitters who have the idea or pattern first & get the yarn to fit the project.  And, on the other hand, there are  those people with  a huge stash of yarn who look for projects to make with the yarn they already have.    I’m in the 2nd group here…………I’m constantly adding to my yarn and fabric collection here, without concrete ideas of what I’m going to use it for.  (other than sock yarn….I’m pretty sure it will all get knit up as socks!) 

Lastly, there seems to be a pretty clear line between knitters WITH rules and those WITHOUT rules.    Some people can knit outside the lines of a given pattern or idea and then there are the others that are uncomfortable even using a yarn not suggested with the pattern.  I’m in the group that will try something……..anything really………..more than once!  Not everything turns out like the vision in my head, but I enjoy the creativity of no rules knitting more than rigidly following someone elses vision.

So, which type of knitter and/or crocheter are you?  Do you knit with a plan in mind?  Touch yarn in your collection and dream up something to do with a specific fiber?  Do you knit AND crochet…………or just one?    Are there works in progress spread all over your home and maybe even your car……….or do you have one knitting bag, all organized with the current project and everything it needs to see it to completion?

None of these are right or wrong………..it’s just fun to see the differences.  Just like looking at yarn.  It’s a good thing we all don’t like the same thing, if we did, there wouldn’t be the huge selection we all enjoy!


2 thoughts on “What Kind of a Knitter are You?

  1. Good questions! … hmmm, I seem to operate 3 projects at once … something portable (socks), something big and challenging (sweater) and something quick and reckless (knit graffiti tags).
    As for hooks and needles, I am in a knitting phase, but last year I crocheted 4 afghans…
    I ‘try’ to not buy yarn without a project in mind.. however, counting all the sock yarn in my bag, it seems I am ahead of myself by a few years….
    I try to follow patterns for garments, but absolutely love doing my own thing blankets, scarves and of course, knit bombs.

    • stormarela: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I think it is so fun to ‘meet’ others here & find out how they approach the craft.

      I’m dying to know what knit graffiti tags are???? And more about your knit bomb activity????


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