A Knitting Rant

Long day, short post.

After doing a days worth of not so creative stuff……..I grabbed my new hat on needles and thought I’d get some knitting time in before heeding the call of my pillow.

I knew I was close to the decreases on the crown of the hat, and quickly knit the last 1/4″ in the straight knitting.

And, right then, the pattern started in with a bit of direction that just sends me over the edge!


What sort of help is that?  All the remaining decrease rows are called NEXT ROW!

I don’t understand.  And, I’d love some numbers…………after all, I just broke down and bought myself a row counter, after what…………40 years??     Would it be so difficult to number the rows in patterns?

This next row business was all it took tonight.  I put the hat down, to be finished tomorrow.  I’m going to dig through my stash of sock yarn bits, and see if I can find one that isn’t self striping……….to make a pair of fingerless mitts for a client I met today.

The hat will look better in the morning!

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