Garden? Knit?? Sew??? Those are the ???’s

If you don’t live in the Pacific NW, you don’t truly understand the problem….  🙂

The sun came out here in Western Washington today and it stayed out ALL day.  Hasn’t happened since sometime last October the weather guy said.  And, that’s not all.  The sun is supposed to do the same thing tomorrow, then Thursday and again on Friday.    I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to handle such a large dose of Vitamin D at one time; we’re used to only one day every six months!

So, with all that in mind, what was I to do?  I have plenty of clients orders in the studio, plus a handful of projects on the needles, destined for the Etsy shop.  But, the sun was shining!

Because it was hard to make just one decision………..I did them all.  The dog was thrilled with me, by the way. I gave myself permission to get outside & garden.  I cleared out another couple of spots and continued planting the new veggie starts in the newly empty areas.  Crossing my fingers everything grows!  Our weather is absolutely no help in this regard!

Not a bad way to spend a day; digging around in the garden, talking to the plants……………and working on clients orders in the sewing room.  I made progress on both fronts and got to soak up some much-needed sun.  The dog was happy too, there were many games of ball whilst gardening!


I did see 2 clients today, in between the rounds of gardening!  I finished Client W’s order, albeit a teensy, tiny one………..and I made headway on Client L’s huge order.

Tonight I knit on my cloche with the ruffled band, until it is time to switch to double points.  Now, the search to see if I even HAVE any size 5 double points.  I’ve got my sock needles (way too small) and I’ve got a couple sets for a hat I make quite a few of (way too big)…, I’m guessing I have no 5’s.

Question:  Does anyone knit long enough to amass all the knitting needles one needs, or is it an ongoing situation?    I have knit for decades, and truly have not given any tools away, nor have I broken any that I can think of…………….nor, lost any…………and yet, here I am still discovering  a size & type I do not have.

I did get pictures of a couple of things for the shop…….and have them posted:

This little blue bowl, one of my felted items from last week.  I just love these for spots where things usually end up on furniture.  These sort of round-up the little stuff, as well as keeping the furniture from getting scratched up.  See other pics of this one here.

Another of the red crocheted scarf/necklaces debuted today too.

Time’s up, I’m kicking myself off my own computer.  I decided I’m tired of being tired, and I’m certain I’m more creative when I’m awake anyway………….so it’s off to bed I go at a decent hour.

Besides, tomorrow I’m going to have to deal with all those decisions related to the nice weather & sunshine here!  🙂


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