Gardening is Alot Like Knitting

Sunshine won out.  I spent time in the garden, at the garden store and back again to the garden.    The time spent was not in vain; the gardens are looking pretty darned nice.  I’ll have to stick my camera in my pocket and take some pictures of this stage.    Mostly dirt showing right now, as the seeds aren’t up and the seedlings look pretty feeble still.    Gardening is sort of like knitting…………….one must put in the time and then apply patience………before seeing the finished product.

Beyond the gardening, I cooked.  Some days one has to do this.  People expect food ……..and meals……..     So, I did the smart thing and cooked what I thought was TONS of food.  Main dish………Maybe enough for a couple of people to have for lunch………..dessert, gone.  A bit of 2 salads left and a teensy dish of veggies.  So much for my plan to not cook tomorrow!    (must look for larger containers to fill up with food……..but, the fridge space is sorely limited here….problem in the making!)

I did a search for size 5 double points and came up with way smaller, and way bigger.  Nothing close to a 5.  The hat will have to wait for the decrease portion.  Size 5 dpn’s on the shopping list.

New item on needles:  a diagonal knit scarf with some mystery yarn………..variegated boucle acrylic something or other.  Yummy soft…….and the colors are almost striping.

I managed to get to the sewing room this morning before the household began humming.  Worked on Client L’s order…………..have only 2 items left out of 9….so, progress was made.  As usual, I saved the icky ones for last; shortening 2 skirts from the waist instead of at the hem.  Why I am so glib when I say to the client “sure, I can do that”  ?     I need to remember how much I don’t like some jobs !

We’re supposed to be getting another couple of days of sunshine here in WA state………….so, I predict the sewing room & knitting time are going to suffer.  Never fear, it will rain by the week end!  🙂


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