Too Many Changes!

The good news………..I’ve got a new item completed & up on the Etsy site.

The confusing news………..when I went to put the new item on the site, the add new item page had changed……   I could figure out the change, it is actually nice.  But, the bad news was as soon as I was ready to upload the pictures I had spent time editing…..   I get a message saying they were all too narrow!  Same camera & settings I’ve been using since Dec.    I did switch settings, take new pics and edit them again.    Apologies that they are not even up to par.  I was in a hurry, I’d already done it once and the new size made Picnik really, really slow.

So, here’s the new item………….

These are truly baby sandals, although they look like puff balls with bows on the top.   I’ve looked in the forums to see if there were any threads relating to switching image sizes, but found nothing.  I think I need to table the situation here & look at it again in the AM.    I can certainly deal with the new size, but it is confusing when I think about editing existing items…………I can see this is going to be the push I needed to re-do ALL the pictures!  Yuk!

I think the learning curve with this new Etsy Venture is so steep some days.  This is one of them!


Create Something Daily Update:

One new client today with a small order

One returning client with an different-for-me order:  A denim jacket that is “too plain”.  I have a fairly free hand to decorate the jacket, just no pink, no ruffles.  She likes bling and silver.  Since I have to run out & pick up some size 5 dpn’s, I might as well shop for bling!

I am inches from finishing Client L’s order of 9 items.  I was so close to finishing, but that silly bit of cooking dinner interfered again.    I’ve got time this evening to complete this order………..need to deliver it on Monday.

My new diagonal knit scarf is now about 2′ long.  I’m enjoying knitting on this, it is a mindless knit.  Only 2 rows for the pattern, I’m able to work on this project while visiting or on the phone.    I did put in some time on the sock with the corn fiber yarn………….a couple more inches before I get to start decreasing for the toe.


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