Who Taught You to Knit, Crochet & Sew?

I’ve been pondering how I learned how to knit, crochet & sew.  I’m old enough that I can’t really remember NOT knowing how to do these things.

I’ve been told stories about how I would “sew” with a needle & thread that was given to me by, I suppose my mom……..and this had to be when I was quite little.  My family enjoys a particular story, where I took that pre threaded needle, and proceeded to sew a button on my dolls blanket.  I put it on end, not flat like buttons are supposed to go.    And, in the process, I apparently sewed through, on occasion, to my dress.    I just think it showed my creative side, early on!

Who taught you?  Did the same person teach you more than one craft?  Or, were you more like me, where my mom taught me all three?  (Dad was involved to, as I remember………..he was more interested in how the back side of my work looked.  He was a stickler for neat & tidy on the back side, or inside of the project too)

In talking to others who knit  (just add in crocheting & sewing ) , it seems most people I know did not learn from their moms.  Or, their mom tried to teach them, and they both gave up!  I can’t remember many specifics from my moms lessons, just a couple of times where she gave advice to me…………that I still think of and use often!

Was your teacher patient?  Did the lessons ‘take’ the first time around, or did you need to wait and give it another go, later on??

Have you taught anyone else how to do any needle crafts?  It seems so important to me, that these skills don’t die;  that we don’t end up with a generation that can’t do any of these things themselves!

And, lastly, a reminder to myself……………and perhaps you??  Remember to tell your teacher, whoever that was, thank you!    I will put that on my list for tomorrow……………Telling mom Thank You!


Create Something Daily Update:

First thing, I had to run to Joannes’ as I was at a standstill on a handful of orders here.  Elastic for a couple items, ribbon for a couple, and the size 5 double point needles for ME!

Back home to the studio, I settled in to work for the day!  I love it when there are hours and hours ahead of me with no interruptions!  What a gift.  I cut out the special order for an Etsy client, and have it almost constructed.  Should be able to finish tomorrow………………however…………     I ordered some trim from an Etsy shop that I’d love to see with the fabric I’m using, before I call this done.  Crossing my fingers it’s in the mail tomorrow.

I finished up Client A’s rush pieces.  She is leaving for Rome next week, now she will have clothes to take!

Completed Client L’s order, to be delivered on Monday.

***It feels so good to even type these things!  I love finishing orders!  *****

My momentum screeched to a halt at 2:00, when I had a fitting with a return client.  An order of 8 pieces, and she needs them as soon as possible (of course).  Nothing too complicated, so there is a chance I can get them done prior to the scheduled pick up in a week.

Tonight I went backwards on my knitting……..   I don’t do that often, but the cloche was bugging me where the decreases began.  So, after frogging a couple of rows, I’m back to the first decrease row………WITH my double points now.  I do think I’ll like the result better!

The diagonal scarf is almost done……..maybe a couple more inches to go.  Then, to decide if I want to embellish the ends?  The pattern makes for pointed ends to the scarf, so it sort of cries for something to hang off the point.  I usually go for a tassel, but I’m wondering if I can come up with something a little more unpredictable, maybe a mix of beads and yarn?  Questions like this cause a delay in finishing something, but I like to leave the item in the studio so I can just ponder possibilities for a bit.   It’s a challenge to see if I can get the vision in my head……….out and translated into actual materials!

Back to work!


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