Three Rules I Knit By

I have been trying to come up with some specific information about when I learned to knit, but as of tonight, my mom can’t remember teaching me at all!  I know I didn’t learn from anyone else, but I was just trying to dig a little deeper.

I can remember my first couple knitting projects, like they were yesterday.  Actually have the 2nd project… idea where #1 went.

What I do remember are the RULES mom set in concrete for me!  They are all clear as a bell & I’ve used them when teaching, as they have proven to be some great advice.

#1:   Never put a knitting project down in the middle of a row.    (easy to get confused when picking it up again, or easy for kids & pets to get tangled up in knitting project if it is left out)

#2:  Never poke knitting needles into a ball or skein of yarn when you put your knitting away.  (many, many splits of the yarn, they don’t always ‘heal’ up)

#3:  When picking up stitches to knit……………  (I was taught this one over the phone while I was babysitting up the street)…………If you can get your needle into it……..KNIT IT.    This is another “rule” I use when teaching.  I find it is hard for people to decide where to pick up stitches, this helps.  At least at the beginning.  Later on, when knitters get more experienced, one can choose which stitches to pick up.

Do you have any Knitting Rules?  Please share……..


Create Something Daily Challenge:

I was creating for most of the day, although I don’t have much to show for it!  🙂

Client A’s & Client Y’s orders are  complete, ready for pick up tomorrow.

Client M’s order is down to just one item left………   No matter how many notions I have on hand, I am off to the store again tomorrow for a zipper!  A black zipper, no less.   I dug through the supply of zippers here, to no avail…………so one item left before this order is finished.  Drat.

Client F’s order completed, ready for pick up on Thursday.

Was feeling like I had made progress, so I started cleaning the studio.  Was going to do a semi big rearrange, but decided it was beyond me, until I had some help.  The whole idea started because I have misplaced my stash of crochet thread.  I need a snippet of something brown/taupe-ish, to finish up a silk flower I made.   The client wants it to be usable with a pin AND a hair clip, so I’m going to put some crocheted chains across the back of it, to make it do double-duty.  However……….I can’t find the thread!    So, I need to continue with my cleaning & organizing the studio and all the supplies.

I re did my Work Order Board in the studio, color coding it so I can tell at a glance how many custom pieces I have vs. how many jobs are alterations.  I’m out of balance!  I have almost twice as many custom orders, which take longer…………..I don’t like as well………..and I find it hard to price them so it is worth my time.  My goal for the next 30 days, is to turn this little problem around.

I finished the Side Ruffle Cloche, at least I got it off the needles and the ends finished off.  I need to block it, although I’m not exactly sure what the best method is ……thinking a towel formed inside the hat, and shoot some steam at it???    Willing to take suggestions here!

Finished the diagonal scarf and will be searching for some sort of embellishments to add to the ends to make this unique.

And, if gardening counts as creating………..    I stuck some more veggie starts in the garden, as well as planted beans!  Can not wait to harvest fresh, great tasting veggies and get them on the table here!

Time’s up.  Tomorrow morning always comes early!


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