Not Quite Purple Treasury Feature

I am thrilled to have a treasury featured on Treasury Hunter.  Because of my lack of expertise here on my blog, I have no faith I can get it to show up here at all!  (again…………my skills at knitting & sewing far surpass my computer skills!)

Here’s the link if you’d like to stop by for a lovely vision of lilacs and lavender.

I’ve come to enjoy making treasuries, but I’ve had to give myself a time limit!  I could just sit here & browse for hours, which just doesn’t get much knitting or sewing done!     I like bringing my morning coffee or tea to the studio and then searching for items that fit a theme.    The search is great, but most of all I just enjoy looking at the page when the items are grouped together!   Please stop by for a look-see….


Create Something Daily Journal:

Busy day today, not much creating going on here.

Started by delivering 2 completed orders, and picked up 2 more.   Ran errands to pick up the notions to complete 2 orders here at the studio.  (hate running errands!)

Headed directly to the sewing machine when I got home, and managed to complete Client M’s order for pick up tomorrow.    Today was the first day I can say the phone was really busy.  I scheduled 3 appointments this week!   I can feel the momentum picking up!

I completed a crocheted dish cloth today, while waiting for a client to arrive for a pick up.    I’m in between projects; in that stage where I’m on the hunt for an idea, a pattern and some yarn!  Started a baby slipper, but I’m not happy with it………, that wasn’t “IT” .    Will keep searching………….   🙂

I apologize for the no picture look I’ve taken on here.  I’ve come up with more stuff I don’t know!  The new listing process for Etsy, apparently doesn’t like my pictures, & says they are too narrow.  I switched the settings on my camera, and now the editing software I use (picnik) says my pictures are too HUGE & wouldn’t I like to re size them!  So, I’m not doing anything.  A solution certain to not fix a thing!  I need me a savvy teenager who could explain this to me, or better yet, just fix it for me.

I’ll head to the studio and sew.  I know my way around a sewing machine!  🙂


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